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Equip Your Company To RAPID-Ly Win In The Digital Revolution


Equip Your Company To RAPID-Ly Win In The Digital Revolution

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Globally, organizations today are under tremendous competitive pressure to constantly churn out new and exciting products and win customers. Increasingly though, the DevOps approach is what enterprises world over are turning towards, to stay on the treadmill of continual product roll-outs.

DevOps focuses on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach, representing a change in the traditional culture. It combines processes, practices, culture, tools and technologies that come together to enhance collaboration between the development and operations team, improve the quality of design and reduce time-to-market.

Continual learning and improvement are at the core of DevOps. For any enterprise intending to create a new digital product, agile methods and DevOps can be the answer. Studies show that companies that embrace DevOps methodologies have a humungous advantage of 30x the deploy frequency of their non-DevOps peers. Also, firms that practice DevOps methods have a compelling competitive advantage in terms of lead times and go-to-market.

This ever-increasing demand for shorter go-to-market timelines and frequent product releases, while simultaneously maintaining high quality, calls for reliable and predictable engineering methods to be adopted by organizations.

Sonata’s RAPID engineering platform is designed to deliver on these exact demands. The platform integrates automated engineering pipelines, test automation, quality processes and infrastructure design templates into a fully automated engineering platform. RAPID drives change at the very heart of the earlier model - siloed execution of testing operations and a weak coupling of testing processes in the overall engineering model – by moving to a continuous approach to testing and left-shift alignment.

Drawing on Sonata’s deep experience in implementing DevOps for large enterprise customers, it is a bulletproof solution to accelerate your digital journey and engineering maturity, no matter where your firm is on the DevOps path. With pre-built, automated testing pipelines tightly integrated with the build, integration and deployment pipelines, it enables a differentiated DevOps experience for engineering teams.

Key features of RAPID include –

  • Automated Pipeline Management for Build, Test and Deployment Management
  • Template Driven Automated Infrastructure Provisioning & Environment Creation
  • Integrated Test Automation, Execution and Management
  • Integrated Monitoring, Dashboard Reporting & Analytics
  • Standard built-in pipelines and infrastructure templates
  • Reusable templates, test assets and scripts

One of our enterprise customers, a European leisure travel major, embarked on its DevOps journey with RAPID and saw significant savings and improvements - including 55% cost savings due to Infra automation, 20% reduction in the time to market, and 20% reduction in tech debt.

In today’s world where digital revolution has made the difference between runaway successes and firms that fail to adapt, an enterprise’s ability to individuate through technology is standing out as the primary differentiator in the market. The ones who do best in tech are winning this battle of survival. Equip your firm with RAPID and be on your road to victory. If you’d like to know more, write in to us at