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The adoption of Cloud technology is inevitable today as this brings a multitude of benefits. To fully realize these benefits, it is crucial to implement measures to ensure the technology operates seamlessly, and securely on a 24/7, 365-day basis. It is also necessary to keep the cloud infrastructure evergreen.

For many enterprises, managing cloud technology is not a core competency. As a result, optimizing the necessary resources and costs can be challenging. This can make it difficult for organizations to fully leverage the benefits of Cloud technology and stay competitive in the market.

Enterprises with large operations can benefit from partnering with a company that brings expertise, experience, and investments in delivering cloud operation services and helps optimize their Cloud spending and modernize their adoption.

As part of our Managed Services offering, Sonata provides the following services to improve business agility and customer experience by ensuring the high availability and performance of applications & infrastructure on the Cloud:

Managed cloud operations: Agility and efficiency for cloud operations.

Managed optimization: Cost-effective and higher ROI for your investments.

Managed evergreening: Cloud ahead with adoption excellence.  

Sonata's Managed Cloud Services enable businesses to keep their technology running smoothly, access top-of-the-line technology, and use industry best practices for optimal service delivery. Additionally, the Managed Services model allows for economies of scale and the ability to leverage knowledge and expertise gained from working with various companies across the globe.

Managed cloud operations

You manage your business, while we manage your Cloud.

  • Availability & capacity management of cloud infrastructure & workloads
  • Monitoring of cloud infrastructure & workloads
  • Landing zone services
  • SecOps
  • BCP & DR management
  • ITIL-based processes for SLA and KPI management
  • Governance

Managed optimization

  • Optimized cloud spending through FinOps
  • Process & service automation
  • Cloud-native service adoption

Managed evergreening

Continuous modernization of cloud services

  • Best practice implementation    
  • Tech update review & proactive recommendations
  • Architecture drift
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Sonata Advantage

Experience with Fortune 500, and 2000 clients


Automation, Optimization mindset

75 consultants

CCOE approach

Flexible models to meet customer needs

Partnerships & Relationships with multiple vendors

Having worked with small to medium and large enterprises

We complement competencies to support customer requirements with Data, AI/ML, Platform engineering

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Sonata Software named Microsoft Azure expert managed service provider

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