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A shift in the engineering paradigm is being driven from different quarters including customer preferences, market competition and technology advancements, that is forcing organizations to adopt newer models of engineering to keep pace with the market changes.

Sonata's Software Product Engineering Services help organizations align and manage this paradigm shift using the Platformation approach, that focuses on building platform centric solutions spanning the entire product development lifecycle, including product conceptualization, design, development and support.

A key aspect of product strategy and product maturity defines an organization's alignment to market dynamics. Market evolution and technology flux are driving organizations to improve, optimize and upgrade their product feature set and technology landscape to keep pace with the market demands.

Sonata helps organizations on the product maturity journey, with a sustenance engineering model, that focuses on SLA driven production and maintenance support that include product upgrades, RCA and CAPA analysis, hotfix and service pack releases.

The evolving business models are adding to the growing complexity of the business environment with the customer satisfaction reigning as the key process driver. Organizations are adopting more comprehensive testing methods to ensure to quality, both in product, process and experience.

Sonata's Testing Engineering Services model, takes a holistic approach to ensure quality, drawing from its cumulative experience of executing testing engagements to bring under a single umbrella all the aspects of testing services to help organizations achieve their quality goals that include Process Maturity Assessment, Knowledge Management, Test Management and Maintenance Engineering.

Enterprise businesses continue to strive to achieve better performance and business value to keep pace with the evolving and demanding product market.

Sonata's Professional Services can help you achieve higher business value, by working as an extension of your own business, meet the business challenges of greater agility, lower cost, faster time to market, and enabling new styles of customer engagement.

Sonata's professional services offerings include a comprehensive portfolio of product implementation centers, Product COEs, Product consulting team for implementations, migrations & upgrades and rollouts, product internationalization and managed operations virtual teams for program management, talent acquisition and engagement process.

A heighted customer awareness and higher expectations about support levels is pushing enterprises to focus on incorporating product support strategy as part of the company strategy.

Enterprise understand, identification of customer expectations regarding product support and the development of cost-effective strategies for meeting those expectations is key to successful product marketing.

Sonata`s Support engineering services help you get the most out of your investment with comprehensive service offerings that include setting up customer, partner and product support centers that provide l1 and l2 support, performance monitoring, l3 and l4 triaging , incident closure support, managed self service and knowledge portal, and 24x7 multi-lingual helpdesks

Cloud with its ubiquitous nature is becoming the obvious choice for enterprises for the development and scalable delivery of applications, helping them leverage the power and economics of Cloud resources to solve business challenges and align their strategies to the rising industry demands of high accessibility and faster delivery.

With track record of helping customers transform products to Cloud, migrate or enable their product for Cloud access, Sonata can help you leverage the power of Cloud for your business.

Sonata's Cloud engineering Sonata's Cloud engineering portfolio spans Cloud consulting, engineering and integration.. services that include application assessment (5R analysis), migration, maturity roadmapping, development of Cloud native and Cloud hybrid solutions, Cloud connectors and Cloud integration platforms.

One of the key drivers towards digital transformation, is the need for enterprises to improve their IT responsiveness, agility and scalability.

One of the first steps for enterprises, towards realizing this goal is to shift from the traditional physical infrastructure towards a digital infrastructure. A Cloud-based infrastructure helps leverage economic flexibility, and eliminate complexity and unlock business potential and value.

Sonata's operations engineering services are centered around cloud infrastructure, migration , development, security and implementation services that help organizations build a strong digital infrastructure as a foundation for their digital transformation.

Evolving business dynamics and disruptive technologies are pushing enterprises to adopt newer development practices to deliver scalable and high quality solutions faster.

With the engineering model, aligning to this shift and evolving from the traditional waterfall into one of continuous development and deployment, the technology ecosphere has seen a drastic shift of structure from a physical model to a virtualized & Cloud-based setup.

Sonata helps organizations accelerate their engineering process towards the continuous delivery model with its release engineering services that include DevOps platform implementation, consulting and implementation

The last decade has seen a global shift with IT undergoing a digital transformation and businesses adopting technology supported operating channels including mobile, social media, Cloud and analytics to become agile, efficient and improve their market reach.

Drawing from its long history of building frameworks and modernizing products and applications, Sonata's 360⁰ product engineering model builds and modernizes platforms, that helps scale the products and applications to the growing customer needs.

Sonata's digital engineering help organizations on their digital transformation journey with with digital enablement, engineering and infrastructure services that include application and product modernization, DevOps, CloudOps, UX Engineering, IoT, Mobile and Cloud enablement.

Enterprises have long since understood the power of digital technology and used it to steer their business, thus driving the global digital technology and digital commerce shift.

While businesses have.. expanded their product and services portfolio to widen their market reach, it is the underlying supporting digital technology and platforms that have helped them build and adopt next gen applications to retain the customer base.

Sonata takes a step further towards this shift with its innovative Platformation approach, helping enterprises leverage the power of platform-led solutions to digitally enable their business by leveraging its proprietary platform to build custom solutions, new and custom platforms, next-gen products and adopt newer technologies.

While steering their businesses onto the digital transformation journey is essential for enterprises to keep pace with the market dynamics, it is critical that their existing product and application suites are maintained, modernized and upgraded constantly to retain the existing customer base and ensure a seamless digital transition.

Sonata builds on its extensive product development and management experience to provide managed product engineering services helping organizations manage the lifecycle of their products.

The managed engineering services portfolio spans ..end-to-end product lifecycle including Product Development and Version Management, Product Support, Product Customization, Implementation Support and Customer Management.

While enterprises are striving to keep pace with the dynamics of the competitive market, by adopting newer engineering methods and technologies, the need for a strong internal process and infrastructure support model has never been more apparent.

Sonata engages with organizations as an extended function, helping them leverage Internal IT services that include IT landscape rationalization, Application Monitoring, Performance Engineering, Product Support, Custom Implementations, Cognitive and Predictive Analytics, that contribute towards building a strong foundation for enterprise wide technology and engineering modernization.



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Managed Testing Services for world`s largest ISV bringing down the TCO by 40%

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We helped 70% increase in automation, 30% decrease in build & integration time and 20% reduction in deployment cycle for a leading travel company

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