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Crafting a personalized experience has been a significant differentiator for retailers. With access to digital technologies, they have had access to many solutions – easy & intelligent searches, improved navigation, recommendations, and pricing options –to create a personalized experience. Today, customers expect retailers to go a step further and create a seamless experience across digital and physical spaces. The opportunity for retailers is, therefore, to redefine the boundaries of engagement with customers across their journey, from home to store to social-media. In a scenario where retail operations are already undergoing fundamental changes across merchandising, logistics, and fulfillment, how can retailers address this new customer expectation?

Essentially, retailers need well-roundedenhancements in their landscape: gear up the retail backbone to meet new operational demands and leverage emerging technologies to leap frog the digital experience. By taking this holistic view of the value chain, retailers can better orchestrate the entire customer journey.

Sonata brings to the table experience in developing and implementing both digital solutions and enterprise applications across multiple retail segments - Apparel & Fashion, Groceries & FMCG, and Hard Goods. With Sonata’s expertise, retailers can chart and implement transformational solutions that help converge the digital and physical realms, thus redefining the boundaries of digital retail.




Sonata's industry-ready retail platforms and partner solutions from Microsoft and SAP helps retailers to create value faster through industry reputed scalable platforms.



Platformation™, Sonata's unique approach, helps retailers to build open, connected, scalable and intelligent systems accelerating their digital transformation initiatives.



Design, develop and implement solutions tailored to the unique needs of retailers leveraging our experience gained through helping a variety of retailers over two decades.


We understand that the core principles of retail and the emerging trends of digital transformation are common across retailers, but each market segment has its specific needs and priorities that need to be addressed. Our solutions are customized to cater to the key drivers of each industry segment – Fashion & Apparel, Groceries & FMCG, and Hard Goods.


Fashion & Apparel

  • Experiential retailing with conversational interfaces and virtual trial rooms
  • Consistent experience and dynamic promotions across consumer touch points
  • Smart merchandizing in line with fashion cycles, seasonality, and local needs

Groceries and FMCG

  • Attractive product mix & configurations, and end-to-end quality tracking
  • Channel optimization across the supply chain reducing out-of-stock situations
  • Efficient fulfillment with flexible delivery models – store / hub / warehouse

Hard Goods

  • Engaging online product content and immersive & virtual experience in stores
  • Optimized logistics network and warehouse operations for on-time delivery
  • Faster resolutions with multi-channel after-sales service and cross-sell/up-sell


Our industry-ready platforms help retailers across segments implement new-age digital solutions in a shorter time while also laying a foundation for faster innovation of business models.

Brick and Click Retail

Enable unified operations and digital engagement both in-store and online with an integrated digital retail platform

SAP Hybris Retail

Ensure personalized consumer experience with flexible, intelligent, and scalable commerce processes.

Retail Mobility

Engage anytime anywhere with the ease and power of mobile & smart devices and enable retail associates in-store with enterprise mobility solutions.

Retail Analytics

Empower retailers with real-time and predictive business insights for faster and intelligent decision making in retail operations and customer engagement

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