About the White Paper

Strategy, marketing and innovation experience powers a business success story. Insightful, customer-centric business strategies through effective analytics solutions propel businesses towards profitable results. The business model and values that an organization embodies is based on their tracking of the journey of consumers.

Marise Kumar, Founder of C2B Strategies, deconstructs the digital transformation journey for marketers who are keen on driving business ahead of the industry average.

Marise Kumar

Founder C2B Strategies

A seasoned consumer and retail industry professional with general management, strategy, marketing and innovation experience across companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Whirlpool, Best Buy and Lowe's. As the founder of C2B STRATEGIES, she is known for building business strategies with a strong consumer core. Her approach to delivering profitable results is to start with consumer insights & analytics, build an outline of the consumers’ journey and how it maps to an organization’s business model, culture and values.