• Enhance the business & experience of travel by getting empowered through data opportunities & solutions

  • Predict your business environment with data driven information for efficient balance of demand, delivery & cost

  • Gain in-depth customer insight. And use that knowledge to plan and execute more relevant, targeted, personalized customer communications across all channels.
  • Create accurate merchandise plans that optimize every item across all stores and channels.
  • Discover and adopt new – and sustainable – ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness across all elements of your operations – structure, staff, processes, tools, metrics etc.
  • Get the right products to the right locations in the right quantities – and at the right time.
  • Improve all aspects of your organization's financial health. Know which particular store is not able to keep up with the sales and what specific factors are leading to this and what steps to take to resolve the issue.

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  • Get a deeper understanding of customer sentiment from both internal and external data sources. Remove inconsistencies due to data spread in individual silos and lack of an integrated system or single version of truth.
  • Create a truly personalized offering for customers based on their actual likes/dislikes & recommend products/packages based on the customer's past preferences/experiences/suggestions/complaints, demography etc.

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  • Scale to petabytes and zetabytes of data without needing to change data formats, how data is loaded, how jobs are written, or the applications on top.
  • Model all your  data by utilizing the power of massively parallel computing through commodity servers and minimize your cost per terabyte of storage.

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  • Business Intelligence on Microsoft's latest stack including Power BI and Azure Machine Learning.

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Data Analytics Solutions for a Leading National Retailer of Health and Personal Care Products

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Yield Management Solution for world's largest integrated leisure tourism business

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Sales Analytics for a Leading Global Mobile Satellite Service Provider

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Optimizing utilization of Data Assets with for a leading Asian Airline

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Resume Parser for a global Outsourcing and Consulting company

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