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Cloud Transformation


Organizations have an exciting opportunity to re-invent or re-imagine their businesses and re-purpose their goals to achieve higher growth rates in this digital-led fourth industrial revolution.

To achieve the above, organizations are required to build digital infrastructure.

Adopting Cloud is one of the ways to achieve digital infrastructure for enterprises to achieve highly scalable infrastructure, deliver on-demand experiences, improve and optimize costs, and better speed to market.

Sonata is a Modernization Engineering Company that leverages its proprietary Framework to accelerate Clients' Cloud Modernization Agenda.

Our unique Cloud Modernization approach helps clients make the right cloud decisions, by helping them identify the right approach for their applications, delivering a superior cloud journey experience.

Our Cloud Modernization Suite of Services helps to realize business agility, scalability, improved efficiencies, and intelligent and intuitive user experiences.

Sonata Scalable helps businesses embrace Cloud Platformation™ as a framework for their broader digital agenda, rather than just a piece of the infrastructure puzzle. Sonata Scalable’s unique Cloud Platformation™ approach delivers a superior cloud journey, ensuring every piece of the digital stack operates in cooperation with lower-level functions and responds on demand.

Sonata Cloud Modernization Overview

How we help Customers adopt Cloud

Migrate and Optimize

Applications that are non-critical to your business and which don't require scale and elasticity to operate optimally in the Cloud are Migrated to the Cloud and then optimized for Cost, Infrastructure, Resources, and Process Improvements.

Cloud Migration and Optimization

Migrate and Modernize

Applications that require the scale and elasticity of the Cloud and are critical to the business functioning of your organization are modernized to the Cloud using Sonata's MARCHITECTURE SONATA SOFTWARE services.

These modernized applications incorporate features of modern digital platforms: Open, Connected, Scalable, and Intelligent.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

World Class Service Offerings for Cloud

  • Enterprise-Application-Services

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Sonata partners with its clients to provide them mature ERP applications to help improve ROI in maintenance and support engagements.
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    Sonata partners with its clients to provide them mature ERP applications to help improve ROI in maintenance and support engagements. Our key focus includes:

    • Products – SAP, Oracle ERP and NetSuite Implementation Services.
      Services – Consulting, Implementation, Maintenance & Support and Integration
  • Cloud Offering - Assessment


    Assessment of your current data and app setup in order to plan a comprehensive phase-wise migration/deployment plan.
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    Assessment of your current data and app setup in order to plan a comprehensive phase-wise migration/deployment plan.

  • Cloud Offering - Managed Services

    Managed Services for Cloud

    Sonata's managed services for the Cloud ensure design, delivery, and daily operational support for computing, storage, and virtual networks.
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    Sonata's managed services for the Cloud ensure design, delivery, and daily operational support for computing, storage, and virtual networks.

  • Cloud Offering - Infrastructure Management Services

    Infrastructure Management Services

    Our services range from consulting & implementation to sustenance services.
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    Our services range from consulting & implementation to sustenance services.

Cloud Enablement

Sonata uses the Cloud to deliver our software solutions – in this context we are a heavy user of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) offerings provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use AWS Infrastructure for our Development, QA, Staging, and Prototyping environments. We also use set-up and provision Customer’s Production Environments on the cloud and deploy our software to these virtual machines.

In addition to using Infrastructure Services, Sonata also uses bundled software offerings from AWS for specific solutions such as Reporting, Databases, and Analytics. We are a Registered Tier Member of the AWS Partner Program and our engineers are certified in various AWS technology tracks.

We have a growing consultancy practice which advises small and medium sized businesses on the strategies, opportunities, and challenges involved in migrating their IT Environments to the Cloud.

Sonata also builds applications using Cloud based APIs to create a pure cloud aware software solution. These APIs are provided by Cloud computing vendors such as Google App Engine, AWS, and Microsoft Azure etc. Various application types such as Business Transactional, Media Processing, Content Streaming, and Database Centric are deployed by Sonata to these cloud environments.

Sonata also uses Cloud based environments for our Software Development Processes – we use Atlassian’s JIRA and Greenhopper for our distributed Issue Management and Agile Project Management respectively. We also use GitHub for distributed configuration management – which enables our global teams to collaborate on Agile Projects.

cloud enablement

Our Partners

Cloud Migration Services

Sonata through our cloud migration services help Customers in digital transformation and making the migration to cloud. Selecting cloud provider (AWS, Azure and GCP) based on strengths, weakness and pricing. Right approach (public, private or hybrid cloud), strategy and process. These enable Customers to manage the cloud journey successfully and ensure benefits of efficiency, agility and scale of cloud. 

We help Customers to define strategy by deciding on a migration or modernization approach. The three factors to be considered are migration triggers, business goals and workload priorities. Migrate if triggers are time sensitive. Modernize for targeted and business critical workloads that are needed long term and will see continued investment. Migration will move existing apps to cloud in an optimized way—without code changes—using a lift-and-shift. This helps to flip capital expenditures to operational expenditures and quickly gain agility and scale. Modernization will modify or extend apps to further scale and optimize for cloud architectures taking advantage of built-in security, patching, high availability and auto-scaling.


Cloud & Mobility Services

Innovative, Secure and Scalable – this is what our Cloud & Mobility Services offer. We provide strategy, transformation, implementation and management of custom or packaged enterprise applications. The Sonata Cloud and Mobility Services are built on the framework of Advise, Transform and Manage, We offer services that encompass IT and applications transformation, modernization, development, testing and management. Our plethora of services include consulting, solutions and tools to optimise your technology investments. Our solutions allow you to integrate your mobile and cloud requirements to become one seamless platform for efficient and effective output.

cloud and mobility services

Sonata's Managed Cloud Services

Sonata has a unique Platformation™ approach to managed cloud services providing an ecosystem that is scalable, open, connected, and intelligent. We have a proven track record with Azure, AWS & Google alliances on IT infrastructure, cloud, and solutions. 

Sonata’s managed services for cloud provide design, delivery, and daily operational support for computing, storage, and virtual networks on the cloud environment.


Cloud Transformation Services

Assessment, Migration and Management


Modern Workplace Services

Messaging & Collaboration, Virtual Desktops, Mobility


Managed Services

On-Premise & cloud: Monitoring & Management


On-Premise Infrastructure Modernization services

Assessment, Upgrades & platform migration Services (P2V)


Security Services

Threat Management (VAPT), Security Analytics & Cyber Forensics


Enterprise Service Desk

ITSM based support, End User support, SR fulfillment, IAM


new products

Reimagine existing digital offerings or create new ones



Build ecosystem platforms and integrated productivity solutions



Create intelligent and intuitive user experiences

Sonata Advantage

Our unique approach to take you to cloud

Sonata's unique cloud Modernization approach ensures that the business critical applications of your organizations are modernized using cloud first technologies and the non critical applications are migrated and optimized to leverage cloud.

Cloud Platformation™ delivers your digital agenda

Our unique and proprietary approach to delivering your applications helps us devise an application modernization roadmap using Sonata's MARCHITECTURE SONATA SOFTWARE services to create cloud-native applications that are Open, Scalable, Connected, and Intelligent.

Multiple cloud partnerships

A Multi-Cloud partner with expertise in the public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud) and private cloud setups (VM ware, Open Stack, Azure Stack). We have the ability to deliver in single and multi-cloud environments.


Tools to deliver faster service expertise

  • Automated Tools for Cloud Migration and assessment
  • Framework for CloudOps and DevOps
  • Platform engineering for Application modernization
  • Automated framework for Support Ops

Industry recognition

  • Multiple "Microsoft country partner for the year" award winners
  • SAP pinnacle award
  • World Travel award

Our assessments and IPs

  • We migrate and manage our own IP and assets in a multi-cloud environment.
  • Halosys Unified Mobile Platform
  • Kartopia Digital commerce Platform

Innovative, Secure and Scalable

  • Increased sales
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced back-end processes and paper use
  • Uninterrupted access to products and customer information when offline
  • Better insight to make real-time decision
  • Seamless integration with existing back-end systems


Discovery Phase

Using automated cloud migration tools discover and assess apps, databases and infrastructure. Assess and validate scope, application and network architecture, security, tools, data, development, work load distribution, application usage, end-to-end business process, disaster recovery, business continuity and licenses. Determine dependencies and finalize target environment and migration Goals


Analysis and Planning Phase

Finalize cloud migration strategies, communication, data migration approach, disaster recovery, business continuity plans, hardware, software, resources and tools. Identify and prepare business process changes, test scenarios, cut over checklist, effort estimation and timeline, prioritize migration tasks, decommission plan and migration project plan


Execution Phase

Procure and build cloud environments. execute cloud migration/modernization strategies finalized in the previous phase – migrate pilot & validate, migrate data and applications. Test migrated applications. Implement business process changes. Cut over and implement decommission plan


Optimize Phase

Post migration of applications they are optimized/modernized to leverage cloud features. Native cloud services are adopted. Usage patterns analyzed and resources optimizes. Security is hardened and best practices and business continuity implemented.