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Platformation™ - Marchitecture


A Sonata Marchitecture map shows how each part of the system fits together. Like any Platformation™-compliant system, a marchitecture is a fractal representation that works at any scale – whether it is a single platform to deliver a solution to limited set of requirements, or an enterprise-wide system spanning multiple platforms, interfaces, and touch points.

Sonata Marchitectures are reusable

industry specific Marchitectures can serve as templates, or as starting points for further customization. They combine aspects of architecture diagrams, infrastructure maps, microservice topologies, custom APIs, data design and a host of other features that combine to represent an open, intelligent, scalable and connected system.

Azure data dynamics


This is a Marchitecture for a large petfood manufacturer, representing the platforms, applications, APIs, telemetry systems and data interfaces that go into a Platformation™ compliant system, delivered by Sonata’s world-class engineering services.


And this is how the marchitecture was implemented – in this case, though a series of products on the customer’s preferred Microsoft stack.


Application Development Services

Build secure, Platformation™-compliant applications, on-premise or on cloud, that transform the way you do business

Platformation™ on the Microsoft stack

Leverage Sonata’s deep understanding of Microsoft’s platforms, built over a 30-years of collaboration to quickly build and deploy Platformation™ compliant solutions for every business need

Data Services

Create hyper-scalable data platforms that provide you the intelligence and insights you need to make informed decisions about your business, your markets and your customers

AI/ML Engineering Services

Put the power of AI to work for your business with Sonata’s AI/ML services – a technology agnostic set of solutions that work on your data to give you superior results.

Cloud Services

Build cloud-native platforms on the provider of your choice- AWS, Azure, Google -and harness the flexibility of cloud Platformation to drive your digital transformation.

Digital Consulting Services

Bring to bear Sonata’s toolset – from our Customer Digital Agenda Templates and Maturity Assessments to build the platforms that work for you