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Digital Contact Centre


Consumers today, expect effortless, consistent, and secure experiences across any point of contact they choose. With the stakes this high, companies are in dire need of modernizing Customer Service. 

Companies are looking for a Partner who can help them with omnichannel engagement and intelligent self-service, personalizing and safeguarding customer interactions, improving agent productivity and modernizing case management, and increasing customer acquisition and revenue alongside driving the IT infrastructure with simplicity, flexibility, and innovation. 

Sonata's Solution for the Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Platform aligns perfectly with these requirements. It makes the contact center hyper-intelligent and responsive, enabling companies to deliver exceptional engagement at every touchpoint.  

Sonata has the best Microsoft capability in size & depth. Gold Partner with a proven record. Its platform knowledge & expertise is unmatched in the market. Sonata is a forerunner in the Market with the flexibility to work with Solutions encompassing multiple technology stacks.


World Class Service Offerings for Digital Contact Centre

  • Data

    Consulting Services

    Uncover new prospects with our comprehensive high-value recommendations.
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    Uncover new prospects with our comprehensive high-value recommendations.

    • Sonata's Dynamics consulting services assist customers in conducting Business Value Assessments to create strong business cases.
    • Sonata's consulting services are Microsoft Catalyst-compliant.
    • Services include Architecture evaluation, performance auditing, and management.
    • Business process consulting using its Best practice and Digital Business Process Libraries.
    • Proprietary methodology of PlatformationTM to execute Digital transformation.
    • Industry segments include Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Distribution, BFSI, Travel & Tourism, etc.
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    Implementation Services

    Access in-depth product knowledge in implementing enterprise digital transformation through predefined industry-specific templates.
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    Access in-depth product knowledge in implementing enterprise digital transformation through predefined industry-specific templates.

    • We assist businesses in implementing enterprise digital transformation.
    • We help define industry-specific templates and implement services across multiple geographies.
    • 15 years of experience in modernization and implementation projects.
    • Global presence across North America, Europe, Asia, and ANZ.
    • Global Team of SMEs’ having (1) Process Knowledge and (2) extensive man-years of effort experience in CE – CS.
    • In-depth Product Knowledge – Working experience with MS Product Engineering Team.
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    Engineering Services

    Utilize technology and domain expertise to become faster, more inventive, and more resilient.
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    Utilize technology and domain expertise to become faster, more inventive, and more resilient.

    • Our cloud modernization offerings enable enterprises to increase business agility and resilience with scalable cloud-based solutions.
    • We help clients with a cloud-based solution that modernizes complex legacy systems.
    • We help equip businesses to better position themselves to adjust to the continuously changing needs of the business.
    • Our all-in-one services include cloud enablement, industry-specific templatized solutions, ongoing application management, and continuous improvement.
    • Sonata employs its DevOps knowledge to conduct an in-depth analysis to assist you in understanding the requirements while focusing on the long-term goal.

Solution Catering to All Your Needs

Enables omnichannel engagement and intelligent self-service

  • Telephonic (voice/calling)

  • Digital engagement channels

  • Self-service IVR and chatbots

  • Conversational AI (NLU, Speech-to-text, Text-to-speech, dialogue)

Personalizes and safeguards customer interactions

  • Customer and Channel Analytics

  • AI intent prediction

  • Biometric authentication and fraud prevention

Improves agent productivity and modernizes case management

  • Agent Desktop

  • Case Management

  • Agent AI assistance

  • Robotic process automation

  • Collaboration (swarming, expert chat)

Increases customer acquisition and revenue

  • Predictive targeting

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Live Chat

  • Proactive engagement

Drives IT infrastructure simplicity, flexibility, and innovation

  • Single, unified platform for contact center, CCAI, and CRM

  • Open, extensible, and adaptive platform

  • No code, low code, and pro code development

  • Elastic cloud scale to accommodate fluctuations

Sonata Advantage

Increase CSAT and resolution with hyper-personalized omnichannel engagement

Boost automation through highly sophisticated conversational IVR and self-service experiences

Improve agent experience with AI-assist and collaboration

Increase customer acquisition and revenue from upsell/cross-sell

Build trust through biometric authentication and fraud prevention

Reduce complexity and lower TCO with a unified solution from a single vendor

Create richer engagements with Context IQ capabilities driven by AI

Build and deploy with confidence through worldwide availability and support



Serve faster and more effectively to create valuable cross-sell and upsell opportunities with AIbased insights and recommendations. Eradicate mundane activities and eliminate fraud.



Monitor conversations, and appointments - NLUpowered conversational AI, protect critical data, and gather customer insights to create a 360 Degree View of the Patient.


Banking & Financial Services

Access current product holdings along with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, orchestrate customer journeys, eradicate fraud, and utilize Nuance Conversational IVR and Nuance Call Steering with proactive notifications. 



Make use of customer case management, remote equipment diagnosis, analysis of customers’ complaints or requests, and AI-driven suggestions on case resolution for agents among other benefits.