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The Platform Business Model

There is a revolution happening in the world of business, and it has been accelerated by the pandemic. Linear, traditional business models are giving way to platform-based businesses. Where a linear business would create a product or service to be sold downstream, platform-based businesses focus on creating the network that connects the players in the business ecosystem.

The most successful companies in the world today have built themselves as platform-based business – either from the ground up, or through transitioning intelligently from a linear business model.

Sonata Platformation™ framework provides world-class digital transformation services

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Platform Maturity Assessments

Sonata’s Platform Maturity Assessments are a foundational part of our Platformation™ approach to business transformation. The assessment examines the organization’s business and technological status, taking stock of the business’ application landscape, areas for improvement within business processes, the technological architecture and deployment models in use, all in the context of the organization’s technological roadmap and business needs.

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The Power of PlatformationTM, realized

Organizations are seeking innovative ways to use data using AI and ML to stay competitive and go beyond the obvious. Sonata's expertise in advanced analytics helps organizations create dashboards and reports, BI analytical reports, predict and forecast using regression and simulation, and also deep learning, neural networks, and decision trees. We leverage AI and ML to use data and help your business achieve enormous growth and integrate them with Azure platform

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Platformation Engineering Services

Whether your digital transformation requirements are localized or wide ranging, applying Platformation™ helps you unlock value. And Sonata’s team of experts provide high-quality engineering services, whatever your need, whether its cloud engineering, cloud app development, cybersecurity, data and analytics or AI and ML

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Case Study

Delivering Platformation

See how Sonata’s Platformation™ delivered significant benefits for one of the world’s largest materials sciences companies.

One of the world’s largest materials sciences companies was looking to construct a cognitive, intelligent, and automated customer service platform to transform their customer experience and improve their operational efficiency. The company needed a highly secure CSR that was API and Data-centric, event-driven, and delivered near real-time data. Sonata’s Platformation™-compliant solution created a system that was open, connected, intelligent and scalable, resulting in over $20 million in cost savings and a 70% automation of processes

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Platformation: Steering the Digital Agenda and accelerating Enterprise Transformation

While enterprises worldwide consider how to approach digital transformation, modern ‘born digital’ businesses have successfully created tremendous value and disrupted incumbent business models from the get-go.

‘Platforms’ are the secret success sauce for these born digital companies, which leads to the question - how can traditional enterprises adopt platform thinking in their digital transformation journey? Can established businesses think like a digital native?

Platformation is our unique approach to help incumbent businesses achieve their digital transformation mandates. We leverage the power of platforms to help clients create & implement platform-based business models. By combining engineering excellence with industry experience, niche horizontal expertise, platform assets and our own intellectual property, Sonata helps build open, connected, intelligent and scalable platforms that form the core of modern digital businesses today.

Platformation facilitates interaction between enterprises, consumers and ecosystem players to unlock value. This enables swift responses to changing customer demands through innovative services and product propositions, creating value to all stakeholders. Couple this with an innovative, design-thinking led approach, from steering the digital agenda through to execution, and Sonata clients can truly accelerate their enterprise transformation irrespective of where they are on their digital journey.

Platformation™ can be achieved in many ways

Platforms are much more than just stacks of technology layers. Building a robust digital platform requires bringing together various technologies including information systems, data and analytics, Internet of Things, supplier and customer portals and customer experience platforms.
Typically, Platformation is achieved when:

  • The technology environment, application build approach and the IT operations model work together as one system. 
  • Integrated stacks to common standards on the cloud in a high secure environment, with auto scaling. 
  • Applications are designed as micro-services, with multi-device and channel-reach capability, with Big Data, AI, IoT, and Telemetry-enabled functionalities for intelligent contextual transactions which can be easily integrated and orchestrated within this standard environment. 
  • Operations approaches include full automation with continuous development, integration and deployment capability for fast, flexible feature releases. 
  • In-built operations analytics that help platform self-learning are used to measure, control and optimize system performance.


Where and how do you start your Platformation™ journey

While we believe that every customer's digital journey could be unique, a typical Platformation™ lifecycle could start with a well-articulated digital agenda and a readiness assessment. This can lead to a shared vision to reimagine your business processes and a platform roadmap to create unique digital services and product propositions. Please reach out to us at to assess your platform maturity and understand further how Platformation™ can accelerate your digital transformation journey.

$60 trillion redistribution of global revenues

Projected by 2025 due to digital ecosystems -Digital/McKinsey: Insights, Winning in Digital Ecosystems, Jan 2018