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Human Resources

Sonata Payroll

Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics human resources and financial modules, Sonata Payroll simplifies even the most demanding payroll environments. Data entry is reduced, and accurate labour costs are reflected immediately across projects and production.

Registered Single Touch Payroll product

  • Maintain employee files centrally with security measures to protect confidential data 
  • Supports payroll with multiple employment agreements 
  • Multiple options for employee work time capture 
  • Automated allowances 
  • Supports daily updating of labour costs which are reflected in project accounting 
  • Adjusts payrates and allowances automatically where employees work on multiple sites under differing employment agreements during a single pay period. 
  • Manage all STP requirements with file generation, validation and accompanying reconciliation report.
Scalable Payroll
Scalable Shift and Roster Management

Sonata Shift and Roster Management

The Sonata Shift and Roster Management system provides the building blocks to construct almost any combination of shifts, shift positions, crews, roster patterns and time cycles. Modelled using positions rather than people, this system gives organisations valuable flexibility.

  • Model a workforce for time constrained projects such as shutdowns and construction project.
  • Manage a workforce to keep a manufacturing or processing plant operational with the correct mix of skilled resources.

Enhanced HR

Enhanced HR helps managers engage with employees and guide them to meet personal and organisational goals. The feature provides flexible organisation and position structures, tracking historical and future changes across the workforce, enabling streamlined hiring, transitioning and off-boarding processes. A powerful recruitment tool, Enhanced HR ensures your most valuable asset is well-managed.

  • Define competencies for positions and map them to internal and external candidates 
  • Identify skill gaps in your workforce and provide targeted development to your workers.
  • Track disciplinary measures.
  • Manage performance.
  • Monitor and coordinate certification and skills training
Scalable Shift and Roster Management