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Platform Maturity Assessments

The Platform Maturity Assessment is the first step of PlatformationTM-driven digital transformation. It is an "outside-in" toolset that helps build the first cut of the client's digital agenda. The assessment evaluates the client organization's potential digital transformation along three axes - digital, platforms and priorities. The assessment takes in information from a variety of sources - primary sources within the organization and its clients and partners, and secondary sources like market and industry reports, analyst studies and corporate databases.

The assessment helps identify senior leadership priorities, past attempts at digital transformation and their success levels, and similar attempts cross the competitor landscape. The results of these assessments help identify opportunities for PlatformationTM-led digital transformation

Platform Maturity Assessment - Overview




platform Maturity Findings
- Executive Summary



Technology Reference Model

Platformation Technology Enablers

From the assessment, the PlatformationTM framework then examines 16 key technology enablers that are instrumental in building Open, Connected, Intelligent and Scalable Systems. These involve

  • An API-first approach with micro-services architecture for higher flexibility in integrating various systems and composing required platform services.
  • Distributed transactions to support events that impact multiple data sources and systems
  • Real-time analytics leveraging Big Data and IoT / Telemetry coupled with location sensing technologies that help in providing contextual and personalized user experience, thereby enabling better and faster decision making on the platform
  • A Cloud-first approach to development and operations minimizing the overheads in managing environments and technology stacks
  • Self-provisioning cloud infrastructure coupled with micro-services architecture for dynamically scaling specific services based on demand
  • Robotic process automation techniques coupled with self-learning systems for reducing manual tasks in executing business processes as well as system operations

Technology refrence diagram

7 Transformative Steps
- Assessment to Implementation

driving the digital agenda

Platform Maturity Assessment


Digital / Platform Maturity Assessment

Business & Tech Assessment

Report Recommendations

Competitive benchmarking

Customer Digital Agenda


Digital Agenda – Create / Revisit / Understand

Benchmark with industry platform models

Customer Digital Agenda template

High level Sonata PoV

Platform Ecosystem & Design Thinking


Create Platform Ecosystem & business model mapping

Design thinking workshops

Participant journeys

Pains, Gains & Opportunities

Digital Business Processes Definition


Digital Business Process library

As Is – To Be Gap Analysis (Business)

Future Business Process


Platform Characteristics


16 Point framework

As Is - To Be Gap Analysis ( Tech )

Platform Tech Architecture

Realization – Ready, Accelerate, Custom

PlatformationTM Roadmap & Proposal


Recommend roadmap, – Quick wins, phased

Data, Cloud, Platform Engg, Apps scope

Execution / Implementation plan, budgets, timelines

Implementation Execution Approach


Execution methodology

Pilots, Programs & Projects

Platform components – build, buy etc

PlatformationTM KPIs

Driving the Digital Agenda

driving the digital agenda