About the White Paper

Competition in the industry has never been more intense, but don’t let that obscure a key change that’s taking place:

Dueling digital innovations are driving consumers to reinvent how they shop for groceries.

These innovations are coming from both large and small players who are developing new, digitally integrated value chains. The traditional value chain players (producers, CPG brands, and retailers) are going to need to enhance their collaboration – especially around digital merchandising – in order to keep up.

The waves of technology, change, and related challenges will keep coming, so the race to reinvent grocery shopping won’t be over any time soon. No matter what direction it takes, however, it’s increasingly obvious that both retailers and suppliers will need to create and maintain an effective digital presence if they want to remain in the consumer’s consideration set, even for in-store sales. It is crucial to improve digital merchandising skills, and it’s better to do this together than go it alone.

This paper explains why and gives you the insights and tools you need to compete better.

Bill Bishop

Chief Architect & Co-Founder, Brick Meets Click

Bill Bishop is the Chief Architect of Brick Meets Click and also serves as the Research Director for the National Association of Convenience Stores - Coca Cola Retailing Research Council. He has been recognized as one of the ten thought and research leaders “driving the future of consumer intelligence” by American Demographics Magazine. Bill Bishop advises leading US grocery & food retailers on their business and digital strategies and programs.