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Have A Ear For Cloud ERP

Written By: Ganapati Hebbar


Have A Ear For Cloud ERP

September 26, 2019 7-Minute read

Do you need financial management for your Company or are struggling with integrating procurement, supply chain and human resource? Here’s your chance to be the window and provide that single pane of glass view.

As there is a need for business processes to become purposeful, especially those that are handled manually, it is mandated that they be interlaced with an ERP solution while they charge forward with an agenda to achieve an elevation in them.

SMBs grow and evolve with benefits from built-in analytics, which exist within ERP systems with the help of analytical applications, which allow users to share and analyze the data that the ERP applications collect round the enterprise. As a result, there is a firm calling out for an ERP investment which provides a rapid, but steady deployment, with solutioned practices for various business processes. These are simplified and standardized across departments, BUs and different geographic locations. Integrated financials, operations, procurement, HR, and supply chain management into one system, further the swell in people or talent pool, and sweeten management dealings. These become clear outcomes for implementing an ERP solution which is preferably Cloud-based, and which has a strong digital core for the implementation of new technologies at its heart.

Some of the key benefits of a Cloud-based ERP for SMBs are as follows:

  • Easy to master, quick to use
  • Faster Go-Lives
  • Creating a digital core for the implementation of new technologies
  • No maintenance expenses
  • No upgrade costs
  • Affordable subscription pricing offered
  • System availability and performance are righteous as compared with a uniform software environment
  • Scalable capacity with optimal cost saving as you increase software and network usage

ERP in the Cloud is one of the surest ways to wedge together remote facilities for mobile employees, enhancing organization-wide collaboration and access. A Cloud-based ERP implementation paves the way for greater penetration in mobility and provides remote access than traditional on-prem systems.

A Cloud ERP with built-in ML capabilities become increasingly efficient, by removing labour from high labour intensive tasks, while they continuously run in the background. While at the same time, “what if” questions are answered by feeding in rapid-fire responses. Questions are posed via chatbots, context rich dashboards, as well as various other tools at one’s fingertips.

While choosing an appropriate ERP, it is imperative to get a software which covers every business function and which provides industry-wide solutioned or solution-oriented best practices by looking for the best partners. These partners must be committed to provide an ecosystem to assist SMBs in identifying, buying, building, implementing, providing service, and supporting an organization’s unique needs.

All of this, provides the management with the ability to deploy the platform, with real-time analytics and business intelligence to complete the visibility aim. Hearing your partner/prospective organization out will surely give them a ear that is waiting for an ERP solution.