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Sonata’s unique Platformation™ approach helped realize a Global ISV’s urgent need to improve operational efficiency

Data Analytics
Written By: Gokul S


Sonata’s unique Platformation™ approach helped realize a Global ISV’s urgent need to improve operational efficiency

January 11, 2021 7-Minute read


Global enterprises with a diverse product portfolio have one thing in common. They all acknowledge the pivotal role analytics play in their market success given the complexity of having a standardized framework which can factor in customizations of geography or a category. 


The pivotal role analytics play in market success:

In this case, The Client’s Business Operations team was facing challenges with visibility into their diverse business operations across the sales and marketing function. The CIO organization was tasked with chalking out a strategy to remedy the situation.  The team sought to do this had to be built on a bedrock of actionable insights with the right performance indicators and metrics at various geographic levels to help:

  • Define sales campaigns and other promotional initiatives 
  • Identify well-performing market segments and products 
  • Create an action plan for the sales force with achievable targets 
  • Provide decision-makers with insights for market penetration and to tackle strategic advances from the competition

Standardizing sales processes

Sales and marketing executives of the ISV needed data to automate standard sales processes and customize it based on geographies and regions. Apart from helping identify large business opportunities and at-risk customers, the process was developed to assist the organization in keeping up with changing business contexts, consumption patterns, and dynamic market trends. An insights platform to help leaders review progress, identify stumbling blocks, and coordinate better their teams for strategic sales interventions.
At the same time, there was a need for ad hoc operational insights delivered on a day-to-day basis –– with the intent to help marketing and sales teams track priorities, sell on-field, and make better data-driven decisions.
Here are some challenges the client had to overcome:

  • Lack of visibility into the sales team’s performance 
  • Forecasting upcoming quarter sales 
  • Lags in optimizing sales processes  

Sonata’s Platformation™ approach that met the client’s business goals

The platform was designed to meet the client’s business & marketing goals. The solution brought together key analytics, KPIs, revenue growth, and customer acquisition data to the forefront while managing the sales pipeline and forecasting market demand. This empowered sales executives, managers, and other leaders with real-time insights into key business drivers –– helping them make targeted, localized, and strategic decisions towards meeting their sales targets. 

The singular vision of Sonata in all this was to create a platform that could easily be adapted to various geographical and segmental needs, stressing on scalability, sustainability, robustness, and timeliness. Additionally, Sonata Software seamlessly connected 100+ data sources, 20+ dashboards, and hundreds of reports. Sonata Software also developed 1000+ KPIs to address the Client's data management and analytics needs.

Given Sonata Software’s continued engagement with the firm, the solution architecture and design thinking of the platform continues to evolve, incrementally. Today this will ensure that the latest market data, sales patterns, competitor analysis along with risks and opportunities are always at the fingertips of stakeholders. 

Additionally, the solution included  the following features:  

  • A centralized data library to seamlessly collate data from different sources 
  • A robust delivery channel to facilitate the self-service BI, empowering every persona to independently access data
  • An extensive repository of historical data to compare metrics for growth, business, health, and trending analysis 
  • A unified end-to-end BI solution, with built-in back-end analytics and reporting with the help of advanced technologies like: 
  1. SQL Server Stack 
  2. Tabular Model 
  3. Power BI 
  4. Azure 
  • Data integration capabilities from a variety of data sources from spreadsheets, application backends, ERP & CRM systems, other reporting & analytics and  various outputs of machine learning algorithms and forecasting systems
  • A customizable, future-proof framework using 5+ tabular data systems for data modelling 
  • A self-service BI system reflecting data sets across business situations for ad hoc insights 

Key Insights that enabled data-driven decision making

The Global ISV gained key insights into winning strategies, consumption patterns, competition, contextual resources, forecasts, and outlooks — all powered by a unified system and ad hoc analytics. The organization was thus able to:

  • Plan their sales strategies  better and work towards achieving their sales targets
  • Incentivize their sales force promptly, in line with the deals closed 
  • Reduce conflicts and confusions 
  • Minimize costs by automating sales processes 
  • Create personalized insights for specific tasks and personas
  • Automate data quality checks for improved accuracy and efficiency 
  • Facilitate quarterly and monthly business reviews across marketing and operations 
  • Track patterns and predict sales with the help of forward-looking intelligence  

Build a future-ready foundation to your digital transformation journey through Sonata’s Platform-based approach

Sonata’s platform-based Data approach enables manufacturers to yield faster ROI, lesser time-to-market for data-centric transformations aligned to their business priorities.  Sonata empowers enterprises to realize modern platforms with Reporting and Analytics, Real-Time data insights and consulting powered by IoT, AI/ML solutions. Visit our Data and Analytics offerings and services page to know more about how we can enable you on your path to true digital transformation.