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Leverage Cloud to achieve digital transformation faster

Leverage Cloud to achieve digital transformation faster
Written By: anoop


Leverage Cloud to achieve digital transformation faster

September 19, 2019 7-Minute read

Cloud has become the vital cog in the machine that is ‘digital transformation’. But how does it enable digital transformation for enterprises? Can Cloud accelerate some enterprise initiatives to stay competitive?

The answer, we believe is a resounding yes. From being cost effective to increased agility for enterprise projects, here are 5 key ways in which Cloud empowers digital transformation:

1. Flexibility:Cloud empowers enterprises with the ability to try and test the requisite platforms, infrastructure, data and processes without actually making heavy investments. The workloads and the business impact due to varied infrastructure setups provides enterprises with clarity on the optimal path for digital transformation.

2. Cost effective:Enterprises only pay for the used resources, making Cloud a very cost-effective model. With most enterprises looking to Cloud for scalability, it makes economic sense for them to leverage a pay-as-you-use business model to further their digital ambitions. The high maintenance costs enterprises bore the brunt of, cease to make a dent in their digital transformation budgets, because of the significantly lower Cloud costs.

3. Intelligent products:As enterprises adapt their business models around customer centricity, adding AI/ML, bots, automation to existing offerings makes sense to retain that competitive edge in the marketplace. Cloud initiatives offer enterprises the opportunity to not just migrate their existing digital assets to the Cloud, but also to leverage its huge AI and processing capabilities to create products for the customer-first market.

4. Security:From being as one of the weak points to arguably being the most important factor for Cloud adoption, many industries have widely adopted Cloud to prep up security for Business continuity contingencies. Enterprises looking at digital transformation initiatives can greatly reduce their risk of data breaches by leveraging Cloud for securing their existing data, or to prepare for exponential data surge related system failures if the data is stored in-house.

5. Collaboration:Digital transformation is one that requires multi-functional teams within the enterprise to work as one integrated business. With its myriad applications, Cloud offers enterprises tools that access, retrieve, process and deliver information with an always-on methodology, ensuring high levels of collaboration.

But can enterprises implement a Cloud-powered digital transformation on their own?

IDC predicts that public cloud spending will grow at an annual rate of 19.4 percent through 2019 to reach a total global spend of $141 billion, with SMBs contribute to 40 percent of this total.

The high cloud adoption rates and investments involved means that any Cloud-initiative needs partner expertise to align to the larger business objectives of the enterprise, to achieve quicker ROI. An efficient Cloud-empowered digital infrastructure comprises both technical and functional services meant to enhance customer experience, deliver scalable software, gain data insights, apply modern engineering and create reliable machine/containers for the digital business. Considering the underlying layers, the need for a framework or method to deliver more than the sum of the parts becomes imperative.

Sonata has a unique Cloud Platformation framework that helps enterprises conceptualize and create the modern digital Infrastructure needed for the digital agenda of the business. Our tools and processes enable your business with the right sized infrastructure that it needs, to drive Intelligent Transactions, Innovate with Open Systems and scale across Markets & Segments.

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