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Ensuring Business Continuity With A Robust Disaster Recovery System

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Written By: Marketing Team


Ensuring Business Continuity With A Robust Disaster Recovery System

September 26, 2019 7-Minute read

More than ever, organizations are waking up to the importance of having a robust disaster recovery system in place to protect data, applications and servers in the event of unfortunate occurrences such as power outages, technical glitches and natural calamities.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of securing your data with an effective disaster recovery roadmap that can minimize threats and restore operations immediately. Clubbing a disaster recovery system with your business continuity plan prepares you to deal with disasters, respond to unexpected situations, and implement steps to ensure that all business functions are restored to normalcy.

Sonata’s new DR as a Service (DRaaS) solution is meant to address this very need. Our DRaaS is powered by Azure Site Recovery and promises to be a cost-effective solution that keeps your business running.

DRaaS by Sonata

Our DRaaS solution has been designed with an eye on solving some of the biggest issues that our customers have raised. Here are some key features:

  • Simplified Business Continuity
    : Any disruption in business means a corresponding loss in revenue. Therefore, our near-synchronous replication solution is designed to get you back in business quickly, with near-zero data loss, in the event of a disaster.
  • Managing complexity:
    Disaster recovery is simplified significantly with features such as customizable recovery plans, health monitoring, and orchestrated recovery capabilities.
  • Manage DR Operations:
    While we cannot overstate the need for a solid Disaster Recovery solution, we understand that it takes time and resources away from running your core business. That’s why Sonata manages your DR end to end – from setting up DR Plans to performing drills to monitoring your instances.
  • Reporting and Governance:
    With our Governance Reports, we help you stay compliant with Industry Standards

DRaaS Plans

Having worked with 100+ customers in their Cloud Journey, we understand you have different needs and budgets. Accordingly, we have crafted 3 plans as part of our Offering:





Storage Account Type




Storage Size

350 GB/Node

500 GB/Node


Recovery Point Retention Period

6 hours

12 hours

24 hours

App Consistent Snapshot Frequency

180 mins

120 mins

60 mins

Azure Failover Hours*

240 hours

240 hours

480 hours

Recovery Point Objective

10 mins

5 mins

1 mins

Recovery Time Objective**

120 mins

90 mins

60 mins





Test Failover




Support Window





INR 9,750/-



INR 19,500/-



INR 39,500/-



One Time Assessment Setup starting INR 50,000/-

Introductory Offer

Like with all new offerings, the best time to start is NOW! For the first 10 customers, we shall offer a complimentary Assessment and Setup Services! So, hurry!

Want to know more about Sonata’s new Rapid DR offering? Visit us on DRaaS or write in at to schedule a call.