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Distribution Is Undergoing A Digital Disruption. How Prepared Are You?


Distribution Is Undergoing A Digital Disruption. How Prepared Are You?

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The growing popularity of e-commerce for retail has had a significant impact on distribution as well. As per the Digital commerce 360 report, 41% of wholesalers surveyed call eCommerce their top sales channel, up from 31% that the same survey had indicated, an year earlier. 88% B2B purchasers prefer to shop via eCommerce, according to an MDM - Baird Distribution Survey.

Not surprisingly, this has created a major disruption in the distribution industry. Companies are going online to gather information about products. Goods are being shipped directly to retailers or consumers by manufacturers. Online purchases are shipped directly from manufacturers with the entry of drop shippers. Mega retailers buy most of their merchandise directly from manufacturers.

What does it mean for traditional distributors?

If you’re a traditional distributor it’s time to urgently invest in robust technology infrastructure that enables seamless collaboration with customers and provides real-time visibility; if you don’t want to lose market share to new age online distributors.

In other words, you need to prepare to win in the new economy by transforming yourself into a digital ready Modern Distributor.

Sonata’s Modern Distribution Platform

Sonata’s Modern Distribution Platform is designed to help Wholesale DistributorsPlan for Profit by protecting their margin at order and line item level.


Our aim is to move you to a B2B eCommerce environment, thereby enabling you to increase productivity and reduce order lead time. Our Smart mobile route to market can help improve field sales productivity by providing real-time visibility to sales while in the field.

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