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Have You Planned Your Upgrade Yet?


Have You Planned Your Upgrade Yet?

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It is official now, Microsoft ended its mainstream support to AX 2009 as of 10th of October 2018. First launched in 2008, this marks an end of an era!

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R1 and R2 also reach the end of support but R3 continues. Ending mainstream support for a Microsoft’s product means no more product enhancements or security updates, hotfixes or feature requests.

We at Sonata are nostalgic, with a long history of being integral to these products as part of product engineering and support team along with Microsoft. But looking ahead, the all new Dynamics 365 leverages the power of the Cloud and we are excited to be able to help customers build intelligent business solutions and transform the way we work today.

If you’re thinking that Dynamics AX is working well for you and you don’t want to upgrade, here’s what you should be mulling over–

  1. Today the world is going digital and you are missing out on opportunities to enhance customer experience, improve employee productivity and get instant access to business insights based on your data.
  2. You can do away with customizations that are not keeping up to the demands of the industry and are available today as standard product features in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  3. Make the most out of the 40% discount on upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  4. Lastly, it’s not complex! Check with us on how you can simplify and accelerate your migration

MS Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together and empower businesses to better engage with customers, employees, optimize operations and potentially reinvent products and business models.

Speak to Sonata to determine how MS Dynamics 365 can help transform your business and reach out to us for the easiest way to upgrade and migrate to Dynamics 365, by exercising your safest bet by getting the upgrade.

Sonata is in the Top 1% of Dynamics Partners worldwide, Gold Certified, with Microsoft accreditations and recognitions built over 12+ Years of track record. We have a global scale, over 180+ Dynamics Engagements, expertise on the entire stack of Dynamics 365 - Cortana, Power BI, Flow, Power Apps, Azure to consider.

So hurry! It’s well past 10th Oct already! To know more about Sonata’s Upgrade Tool click here.