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How to choose the right Dynamics 365 Modernization partner?

Dynamics 365 Implementation
Written By: Rathi Rao


How to choose the right Dynamics 365 Modernization partner?

May 26, 2022 7-Minute read

According to IDC, cloud-native technologies will be used to develop and deploy over 500 million digital apps and services by 2023. As the number of apps grows, so does the cost of maintaining and administering them. The ongoing Dynamics 365 implementation of legacy systems minimizes IT environment complexity and costs, improves data consistency, facilitates cross-platform collaboration, and increases process flexibility. Businesses face complicated application and data architectures and interconnections, as well as security, culture and skills change, and the requirement for flexibility and vendor choice when modernizing.  They must ensure that they are using the most up-to-date technology while being compliant with their industry's most recent requirements.

Accelerating Transformation Microsoft Dynamics 365

Although customers who have migrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, if it is not executed well, there are major risks involved, as the transition is not always simple. Such transformations require time, resources, and expertise, and they frequently necessitate buy-in from across an organization. Technology partners are an important extension for providing deployment, implementation, and industry expertise. How do you select the best partner for your company?

Large scale, complex Dynamics 365 implementation experience

Refresh & strategize modernization of your current on-premise ERP systems to the cloud & Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Sonata—a global leader in Modernization. You unlock the true potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 through Sonata’s proprietary Platformation approach, unique modernization capability, and ecosystem alignment.

Dynamics 365 implementation knowledge

A partner who is established and listed on AppSource and various other Microsoft Dynamics Migration Partner lists for 365 dynamics CRM, ISV Dev, and services partners for modernization who have a 360-Degree Relationship with the MS Dynamics Team, including product engineering, and Fast Track capabilities.
A partner with experience in defining and developing a global core template, global rollout to many countries and geographies, and brand implementations.

Why Dynamics 365 Implementation with Sonata?

We at Sonata are proud to be a Top 1% Global Microsoft Partner and a member of the Microsoft Inner Circle of Business Application solution providers, with 30+ years of experience and a track record of 150+ upgrades across all geographies. Sonata has been an Inner Circle partner over the years. Sonata brings a strong track record and full-stack capability globally. Our deep understanding of the Microsoft Business Applications Full Stack, assets, and tools helps clients get the best out of Dynamics 365.

  • 15 years of experience in deploying Dynamics modernization and implementation projects
  • A global presence across North America, Europe, Asia, and ANZ.
  • Global template development and rollouts

Comprehensive leveraging of complete Dynamics 365 solutions

Business transformation-driven cloud modernization with Microsoft Dynamics 365 begins with developing a digital vision for your firm, specifying desired business results, IT simplification, and a migration route with predictable budgets and reuse of existing investments.

  • Platformation-led Modernization Assessments
  • Microsoft collaborated on migration assessments
  • Migrations of on-premise AX, CRM, GP, and NAV to Dynamics 365 are automated and tool-based
  • Global upgrade factory for risk-averse, quick updates

With deep Dynamics 365 solution knowledge, as well as a world-class Dynamics team and a strong workforce with decades of experience in a variety of industries, multiple upgrades across multi-country, multi-geo, and complex migrations have proven them to be veterans. On the vast Biz Apps Stack, they will be able to be a full-stack digital-ready solution.

Automation with purpose-built tools and techniques

Sonata is well known for its co-sell IPs, and alignment to Microsoft industry maps and digital assets. We've got one of the largest Dynamics teams globally and a unique alliance with Microsoft. Sonata is an expert in providing engineering and managed services to some of the world's largest clients.  Regardless of the situation, transitioning from legacy ERP, modernizing from an older version, or a simple implementation. A unique upgrade approach utilizing exclusive and exclusive upgrade tools and IP. Tools and assets are created to automate and deliver one-step migrations. There are automated code migration tools for all versions that enable automatic migrations with 30–60% time savings.

Do they have industry knowledge?

Context is essential. Migrating to Dynamics 365 will ensure that your organization is ready to meet future needs and challenges, but these will differ depending on the organization and industry. 
Consider the partner's Dynamics 365 implementation experience with deployment in your industry. The chosen partner should have successfully implemented Dynamics 365 with your peers and be able to demonstrate it.


Sonata Software has the industry's potential to match your challenges with the appropriate solution. Transform your business processes by utilizing intelligent cloud-based applications that work in tandem. Our Dynamics 365 implementation team consists of more than just technical consultants. We have extensive industry and technology experience and can provide a unique perspective on how to best implement and use D365 to meet the specific needs of your organization. Building full client solutions, generating business growth, and meeting customer needs all require partnerships. Find resources to bring partners together to better serve clients by leveraging each partner's expertise and core capabilities. Have you decided on Dynamics and are seeking an implementation partner who understands your industry and can help you get there faster? Sonata has invested in Dynamics over the years, driving continuous innovation and reusable assets to accelerate your transformation. For a deeper understanding, connect with our Dynamics Team here and learn more about how to accelerate your modernization journey.


How can I get ready for the Dynamics 365 rollout?

There is a lot that goes into implementation, but it is critical to review and evaluate your current systems, plan accordingly, and put together the right team.

Why should I think about hiring an implementation partner?

The right implementation partner can provide consulting and implementation expertise, as well as training and support services, all while ensuring quality and best practices.

What is Sonata Dynamics++?

Sonata Dynamics++ helps you unlock the possibilities of Microsoft Business Applications with our three signature methodologies Reimagine, Refresh and Realize. Be it transitioning from legacy ERP, modernizing from an older version, or a simple implementation or beyond - Sonata Dynamics++ guarantees you get much more from your investments on the Microsoft Business Applications stack.