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Living It Up With Dynamics 365 – Upgrade, Start Afresh And Succeed!


Living It Up With Dynamics 365 – Upgrade, Start Afresh And Succeed!

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Innovating with technology is the only recipe for success, and even still an upgrade to MS Dynamics 365 is your much needed haven. Recognizing your need to become a world leading Distribution or Retail business may seem highly camouflaged, if you don’t consider the desirable and unique cohesion of a number of functions, such as Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, Operations, etc., within your organization. But here’s your answer - the new upgrade does all this for you.

60% of businesses say they consider a Cloud-based ERP model for their next implementation and with getting the MS Dynamics 365 upgrade, scaling your infrastructure or managing expansive workloads, has never been easier. Key factors while considering an ideal implementation, don’t you think? And yes, do you anticipate a need for it?

Upgradation means one thing, getting slick and smart with your assets to cater to a heightened need which is more than just for the sake of utility. This “heightened need” can be particularly described as, fueling CRM and ERP systems whereby, they become a factor in transforming business completely. Therefore, considering ERP modernization becomes vital, as an old ERP model would be equivalent to not having one at all, and if you get the current upgrade MS ensures that you DO NOT have to modernize or go in for any new modernizations or re-implementations in future. This is one of the key reasons why you need MS Dynamics 365, as older systems may not have the functionality that the newer one will have.

Secondly, there is a greater need for your business than ever – adding value. Inefficiencies in a system are expensive, but if that’s what’s rattling you, modernizing your ERP at the cost of inefficiency is even dearer.

So what can you do except wait with bated breath for the new version of MS Dynamics to hit your business. Yes. I most positively said hit! And find your forthcoming ventures with the briskness of Sonata’s platforms together with those that MS has on offer (Power Apps, Flow, Power BI, etc), which can lead to the primary purpose of crunching rich data and bringing about a mass but highly sustainable, enduring and palpable solution – all of it being Cloud-borne. So what are you waiting for?

The beneficial aspects of MS Dynamics 365 are several. Are your software developers hassled by writing too much code? Is accessibility to a new feature or update a concern? Or does an even pressing matter – Greater ROI preoccupy you? If your answer is a resounding yes to one or all of these Qs, MS Dynamics 365’s new features, and your obtaining this upgrade, will serve as a quick fix to this conundrum.

What’s more, regardless of one’s Company size or industry, MS Dynamics 365’s ERP platform can help provide streamlined IT, greater security, seamless migration to the Cloud and efficient data management, creating a most unified and integrated environment! Greater security means youth for your business and an ERP moved to Cloud means staying fresh and current. And how is that? Moving to Cloud can help you unlock new capabilities to make implementations easier and improve productivity.

So when push comes to shove, the only thing you can do is take stock of your current systems in CRM and ERP, and be zealous and highly extensible when it comes to getting that upgradation. Remember, always being forthcoming is vital and crucial, and only careful deliberation will help you get in the right direction. As the title of my blog suggests, it’s upgrade and succeed – but the punch line’s actually – deliberate and upgrade, and succeed!

Sonata is here to help you make the swift transition from earlier versions of MS Dynamics to 365, if you’re an existing customer but are raring to go with the new upgrade. Its (Sonata’s) proprietary upgrade tool allows you to quickly and directly upgrade your existing systems onto Dynamics 365, while retaining your customizations.

Your next or fresh upgrade is not a hop, skip and jump away but just by few simple clicks to get in touch with us. Now do you want to scale differently?