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5 Must Have Functionalities For B2B Retailers In Their Ecommerce


5 Must Have Functionalities For B2B Retailers In Their Ecommerce

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As more and more retailers are embracing ecommerce for their B2B operations, it is imperative to have the correct set of features that would increase its acceptance to its buyers. The overall business goal should be a happy and delighted customer. While, features like fast loading time, attractive and simple UI, great content management system, scalability, security are standard requirements, the below five when added to these will make it a complete solution.

Range Purchase:

In retail, especially in case of fashion and FMCG, there will be multiple variants of a single product within a huge list of product offerings. As B2B buyers will buy in bulk and will generally buy the similar products for a good time of their purchasing history, it’s useful for them to create a reusable template of the products they tend to buy rather than going to the PLP for each category again and again. This template will essentially work as a curated catalogue for them for their next purchases. This can save up to 30% of their buying time.



Your customers don’t need to see all your offerings, they just need to see the ones which are useful to them. You may also want to entice them differently with targeted promotions, special pricing and discount offers. The solution to all these is customer specific catalogue, wherein each B2B buyers sees a personalized catalogue built just for them

Multiple warehouse ordering:

This feature enables buyers to buy from multiple warehouses based on their urgency. The feature offers a look into stocks of all the warehouses for any product and the associated delivery dates in their locations. This helps them to plan their sales with much higher accuracy than waiting for a longer and sometimes and speculated time of delivery if ordering from a single warehouse.

Pre order:

In FMCG and fashion industry, new products are launched frequently which all the institutions would like to have their grabs first. Sellers can offer the buyers an option of pre ordering wherein those who place a pre order will have the first shipments when the products are launched. This will help the buyers an upper hand in comparison with their competitors.



Integration to existing IT landscape is one thing that’s importance can never be less. Especially when the seller has a robust ERP and CRM solutions in place. This will help them to seamlessly fulfill orders, update offerings, prices and run promotional campaigns to buyers. This also helps to manage the entire operations with more efficiency and effectiveness. The ecommerce suite just acts as an add-on on top of the seller’s existing system.

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