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Adding Mobile Capability To Your Dynamics Platform


Adding Mobile Capability To Your Dynamics Platform

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The success of any enterprise systems such as Dynamics AX is highly dependent on how well it is adopted and used within the organization.

Factors such as a remote/mobile employee base, lack of reliable Internet/web connectivity on the field etc. can limit efficiency, adaptability and usefulness of the current system – which primarily would be providing optimal user experience in traditional end points.

In the changed scenario of mobiles being part of everyone’s life – both personal and professional, the adoption and usage depends on how well the systems make themselves available on mobile.

Mobiles, also with increasing smartness, will have scope of enhancing the user experience which normally is not available on desktops.

Making these systems available on mobile should be non-intrusive, seamless and should avoid creating duplicates of the workflow.

For example, one of our clients, a leading container manufacturer was trying to streamline the process for purchase orders, expense report submission and generation, purchase requisitions and service operations etc., by allowing employees to be able to complete these processes even when on the move. Also our client wanted to provide superior UX with all the smartness the device brings.

In situations such as these, adding an effective mobile solution to the Dynamics AX platform can create a huge impact and transform the business. Not surprising then that enterprises are building multiple apps that completely fit in with their processes and offer scalability and robustness to support the workloads of growing digital business. These enable them to make the most of their Enterprise business systems.

Here, we extended the Dynamics functionality and deployed mobile apps catering to the various needs, thereby enabling improved operational efficiency and empowering employees. Most importantly, the company was able to reap the benefits of leveraging AX ERP Systems for Mobile Operations.

Prominent Functional Areas going Mobile

In our work with clients, we have found that the following technology solutions prove most valuable to our customers to add value to their Microsoft Dynamics implementation:

  • Microsoft PowerApps - Quickly enable your simple business processes on mobile
  • Microsoft Xamarin - Develop apps for multiple platforms like Android, IOS & Windows
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) - Develop universal apps that run on any Windows Devices- Laptops, Desktops, Mobiles and Tablets
  • Sonata’s Custom Mobile Platform, (fully integrated with Dynamics) - Develop, deploy and manage multiple apps on single infrastructure connecting to many systems including Dynamics