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How Mobility Platforms Are Crucial For Digital Transformation For Enterprises


How Mobility Platforms Are Crucial For Digital Transformation For Enterprises

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As billions across the globe continue to embrace the use of mobile devices, enterprises see the opportunity to accrue many benefits of enterprise mobility. Cost savings and security risk mitigation are the biggest drivers of mobile device deployment as per IDC research. Yet, enterprise mobility poses number of challenges. 48% of enterprises do not see any improvement in their cost savings and 30% cite security problems with mobile app deployments.

Security is undoubtedly a huge priority, but building and maintenance of multiple mobile apps can also be a huge strain for enterprises. Some of the primary challenges are:

  • High cost of building an app for each process
  • Managing capex and financing can be a big challenge
  • Logistically, the integration of multiple back-end systems to pull out data and push it to one app can be a nightmare
  • Effective management of various apps and setting appropriate access controls is also crucial

Unified Mobility Platform Can Prove Valuable

When one of our clients, one of the top 25 multi-family general contractors in the United States, was looking to trim unnecessary time and costs, they tried to achieve it through the following:

  • Bringing a systems approach and through optimum use of mobile technology
  • Increase efficiency by mobilizing multiple field and sales business processes through specific apps for functions such as sales estimation and Quality Assurance.
  • Improvement in basic productivity through a stable device and apps foundation.

Mobility Platform is the Key for Enterprises

In response, we introduced Halosys, our Unified Mobile Enterprise platform, and put in place a dedicated and scalable mobile application team. This allowed us to create an ‘App Factory’ framework to quickly deploy custom apps to effectively meet its mobility challenges. Each app was developed in an average time frame of just five weeks.. Mobile apps were built for mobilizing various processes as per the need.

For instance, the client had an existing estimator tool (Excel workbook) that needed to be ‘mobilized’ such that details on materials, material cost, labor cost and total estimate for each apartment unit could be captured on mobile. We developed an iPad native Mobilizing Sales Estimator Tool application for sales users to develop project estimates as per user location; and to compile details such as materials and labor costs, with margins and tax, and provide them as an invoice to the customer. Moreover, a web application was developed for Admin to manage the data using Halosys platform. There were several such apps deployed.

Benefits Obtained

The benefits were evident immediately. The solution enabled field workers to complete the sales estimation process in less than 30 seconds from their mobiles. Errors were reduced due to paperless work, turnaround time and response for material management became quick. The QA process became easier. Availability of offline modes made it easier for field workers to push data to the back-end system in real time without worrying about connectivity.

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As our world becomes more connected than ever before, organizations can benefit greatly from a robust and scalable enterprise mobility solution that allows for seamless integration and dissemination of data.