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How To Move To An Enterprise Mobile Platform


How To Move To An Enterprise Mobile Platform

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Over the past few years, connected mobile devices have become all pervasive. Cisco predicts that by 2020, there will be 11.6 billion mobile-connected devices. This explosion in mobile devices creates a great opportunity for organizations to use mobility to their advantage. The rise of IoT could make things even more interesting. Most Organizations today understand the importance of mobility and its potential impact on business. In fact, some companies are facing an existential threats from competitors who are digital natives, bringing in a sense of urgency. However, there is often some hesitation to dive into a full-fledged mobile first approach. The concerns are usually around existing legacy investments and data security. A piecemeal approach of investing in a few apps to test the waters often delivers very limited results, which don’t reflect the true potential of mobility. To truly flourish in the connected economy, a robust and scalable enterprise mobility solution that allows for seamless integration and dissemination of data is absolutely vital.

Mobile Enabled Platform for Greater Efficiency and Productivity

One of our Clients, a world leading tire manufacturer with operations across 6 continent sand multiple international brands in its portfolio, decided to implement an enterprise mobile strategy. The Client was dealing with a legacy .NET middle ware that was expensive and not scalable for higher concurrent loads. Also, integration of multiple backend systems was complex, making it a challenge to pull out required data for mobile apps.

The Client decided to engage with us and deploy Sonata’s Halosys platform. Halosys provide da Mobile First approach through seamless connectivity,configurable policies and layered security, while leveraging the existing infrastructure.

We designed 3 apps based on the ‘day in the life of a dealer,’ such that every function was mapped. This helped make the apps intuitive and very useful.

We were not only able to successfully transition from legacy device-based field operations to the latest mobile based applications; but the transition ensured savings to the tune of half a million Euros for the Client by eliminating the cost of owning and maintaining the legacy systems.

The benefits were apparent immediately. The mobile application helped to increase accuracy of data, and a range of customized reports helped the Client better analyze performance. These reports also helped the Client showcase improved performance with respect to competition.Transition from cumbersome book-keeping to a user-friendly mobile application helped the Client improve productivity and reduced error as a result of less paperwork. Also, very importantly, Halosys not only enables the Client to build apps, but it has made it easy to deploy and manage apps.

You can find the full case study here

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