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Field Services


Effective Field Services management requires multiple levels of coordination. In addition to skills training as well as the logistical and administrative aspects, Field Services companies need effective strategies to meet customer expectations, balance workforce utilization, and stay profitable. 

Hitting all the targets is a major challenge and usually requires adopting new technology. When deciding which technology to deploy, it’s important to adopt solutions that the entire organization will buy into. Only then can businesses ensure sufficient ROI that helps drive improved customer services and increase service revenue. 

Field Services Overview

Addressing the Entire Project Lifecycle

We specialize in designing, deploying, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology solutions for Field Services businesses. Along the way, we also address the challenges of information overload and the growing complexity of customer service that firms face every day. 

Our best-fit solutions encompass scheduling and mobile field management as well as ERP, CRM, project management, and content management workflows. We deploy these solutions to address the most pervasive operational issues throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Addressing the Entire Project Lifecycle of Field Services

Business Acumen, Industry Insight, And Proven Technology

Sonata made the strategic decision to focus on Field Services firms based on our legacy of delivering superior projects and increased business performance for clients that depend on the efficient delivery of field services like telecommunications, power utilities, and industrial equipment manufacturers. Our client’s success is based on our three-legged stool of business acumen, industry insight, and a proven technology platform. If we are not certain we can transform your business performance, we are quick to recommend others better suited for the project.