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Brick & Click

The rising competition and the waning brand loyalty among consumers are posing major challenges for retailers. As consumers are seamlessly moving between online and stores for shopping, they are becoming more open to retailers who can best facilitate these.

Traditional retail was conceptualized and designed championing the in-store transactions and was never designed to handle sales beyond the physical store. The supply chain network, movable and the immovable assets were shaped with the physical store in the center. As additional channels evolved, the first reaction of the brick and mortar retailers was to have an online presence which of course is not enough in the next wave of retail innovation for seamless Phygital experience.

Digital born companies have played a major role is changing the customer’s buying behaviour and the interaction across the channels. They have been successful in making the first impression, influence and consistently deliver, exceed the customer expectation. This has been possible as these businesses are designed to deliver a cohesive shopping experience to the shopper. To remain competitive, it is must for the traditional retailers to adopt a robust multichannel strategy by transforming their systems and re-looking at the business models.

To enable retailers, achieve this, Sonata offer’s a unified commerce platform “Brick & Click” provides digital ready operations capability and best in class digital engagement both instore and online with smart unified commerce and operations systems.

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Brick and Click offer’s a superior shopping experience integrating in-store and online with smart unified commerce and retail operations system. Driving personalized insight, customer experience and fulfilment across channels, providing deep insights on the operations helping retailers emerge a winner in the new digital economy.
Being a hybrid cloud ready platform Brick and Click brings together retail specific commerce, mobile, IoT, analytics and ERP systems, with pre-built business functionalities for specific retail segments ensuring consumers remain at the forefront.
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While the specialty retailers and the brand owners are adapting to the digital revolution, the focus is to delight the customer with state-of-the-art experience. Sonata’s Brick & Click solution is customized to cater to the key drivers of these retail segments