Modern Distribution is now Certified on Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics Inner Circle Member 2018/2019

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Modern Distribution Solution Overview

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ (ASCS)

Available on MS Appsource

- Complete Supply Chain Management

- Plan to Profit Approach

- Protect and Increase Margins

- Advanced Supply Chain Management Software for Dynamics365

Supply Chain Collaboration Through B2B e-Commerce

- Up to-date tools - EDI, portals,
e-Commerce Sites

- Faster Time to Market

- Collaborate and Communicate Across Supply Chain

Distribution solution on Mobile

- Go Paperless

- Real-Time Visibility

- Sonata iDroid Mobile App

Next-Gen Technology

Future Ready | Best-in-class | Ready to use

Truly Integrated Solution

Mobile Ready

Best-In-Class CDM/MDM, PIM

Cloud, On-Premises, Hybrid


Localization & Globalization

Stable, Secure & High Performance

Faster Deployment

Managed IT services



Integrated Technology Platform Solution

Sonata Distribution Expertise

15+ Years of experience in
Distribution and CPG Companies

150+ projects delivered,
900+ Consultants

Experience in working with
Fortune 500 CPG Companies

In-depth knowledge in Wholesale,
Distribution, and finished goods Supply Chain

Customer success stories
in this vertical

Integrated IP based solution - Advance Supply
Chain Software, Sonata Digital Commerce B2B,
iDroid for the ELD sales automation on mobile

Platform solution for quick and best
breed implementation – Own, Partner or
Custom Platform

Case Studies

Case Study

Better Inventory Visibility and Credit Management


Case Study

Enhance Inventory Management and Sales of Customer Consignment Inventory


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About Sonata Software

Sonata Software is a global IT services firm focused on catalyzing transformational IT initiatives of its clients through deep domain knowledge, technology expertise and customer commitment. The company delivers innovative new solutions for Travel, Retail and Consumer Goods industries by integrating technologies such as Omni-Channel Commerce, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and ERP, to drive enhanced customer engagement, operations efficiency and return on IT investments. A trusted long-term service provider to Fortune 500 companies across both the software product development and enterprise business segments, Sonata seeks to add differentiated value to leaders who want to make an impact on their businesses, with IT.

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