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Modernization Of Your IT Ecosystem Is Key to Making Your GRC Strategy Succeed 

Geopolitical risks, digital disruption risks, third-party risks, compliance risks – they’re all growing more complex, more numerous, and more interconnected.

Organizations must be able to create an integrated data model that brings together disparate, disconnected data from multiple business silos and allows stakeholders to see the data from a variety of angles.

The shortcomings of current GRC frameworks have been made clear by emerging technology, innovative business models, and analytics-driven decision-making. Ineffective risk management using these frameworks is demonstrated by the increase in high-value losses and scams. Thus, to deal with new trends, banks must alter their GRC function and strengthen their risk management capabilities.

ESG and GRC: ESG is more than a checklist. Making a difference is important for both your company and the wider society. Achieving long-term successes that boost growth and provide value while preserving our environment and communities.

A holistic GRC strategy needs a connected technology landscape to connect the dots between risks, compliance, and other GRC elements that impact business performance.

Sonata helps you beyond implementing your GRC solution. We help you modernize your IT ecosystem to drive a successful and holistic GRC strategy.

Drive impact with Sonata:

  • Achieve business agility and resilience with cloud modernization services
  • Enable data-driven decision intelligence and improved data governance with data modernization
  • Mitigate risks with agility, leveraging DevSecOps and process automation
  • Evergreen your technology and cost benefits with proactive managed services
  • Upgrade 3rd party apps and modernize legacy apps with enterprise applications
  • Implement ESG-connected GRC strategies with the Treeni platform for ESG performance management

Contact us today to co-create your holistic GRC strategy.