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Test Competency Story

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The constantly changing landscape of digital transformation has given rise to several interesting trends for businesses resulting in never before opportunities and competitive advantage. This shift to digitalization has created opportunities for enterprises to increase revenue, global presence and reach, and support new business models (online, mobile etc). Existing businesses can transform by catering to the evolving customer persona through personalized customer experience.

Transformational Trends of Digitization:

  • Evolution of the 'Intelligent Customer' who seeks an integrated, seamless and consistent view across multiple channels
  • Touch Commerce – the rise of multiple interface channels and forums has also given rise to the expectation that customers and businesses should be able to communicate via any medium, anytime, anywhere.
  • Marketing Automation - Businesses are now looking at leveraging the digital medium to effectively market their products and services across multiple channels by automating a significant amount of marketing activities related to marketing campaigns, lead generation and lead nurturing.
  • Conversational AI Interfaces have taken front stage across all online businesses front lining the initial

Effects of Digitization:

The above changes are enabling a technology revolution making it possible to engineer digital products & 'At the Touch' Services including:

  • 'Everything as a Service' (XaaS) – The concept of 'on-premise' is fading out, with the emergence of cloud technology and with that , the expectation that everything should be available on the cloud, on demand
  • Tap into the power of Digital Products that allow for high scalability, low upfront and operational costs
  • 'Productize' the traditional software services
  • Digital Privacy and Security – With the scale and access of the digital medium, privacy and security has become the prime focus for organizations taking the digital path
  • Digitization of Operations
    • For effective decision collaboration
    • Improved capital and resource usage
    • Cost reduction and higher productivity

Digitization's Effect on IT Organizations

  • It is now possible for IT to leverage platforms for scalability
  • Modernize tech landscape into extensible platforms with pluggable application blocks
  • Offer customer persona-focussed solutions
  • Implement custom solutions for process transformations to align solutions and services to current market requirements
  • Ensure enhanced customer experience through increased focus on engineering for consistency of solutions across multiple channel interfaces and support for a varied channels in the future
  • Ensure digitization effectiveness
  • Integrate automated digital workflows

Digital Transformation Roadmap

The far reaching effects of digital transformation is enabling enterprises to understand its strategic impact on the overall enterprise, extended to various business and technology arms within the organization. As a result, most enterprises are looking at improving automation efficiency by extending automation to a wider audience within the program teams to achieve better testing depth and acceleration.

  • Intelligent, Agile & Self Service Processes
    • Adoption of agile practices into the work model to develop and deliver high quality solutions faster
    • Implement artificial intelligence to optimize the engineering and testing process,increase effectiveness and ensure shorter delivery cycles
  • Test Effectiveness
    • Continuously maintain test automation scripts that are short circuited once the project goes live and the team in downsized.
    • Revisit current test automation tool stack to replace or upgrade the stack to integrate with the overall DevOps tech and tool landscape
    • Optimize IT budget by upgrading existing tools and frameworks
    • Induct technical resources to support test automation by leveraging domain and technical knowledge

The Critical Value of IT Testing in the Digital Era

Testing services is transformed in the digital era and as a result it is now expected to:

  • Support testing of complex product, application and technology innovation
  • Testing of end-to-end workflows, and the orchestration of data and services
  • Increased testing coverage to support emerging digital platforms and architecture, including, AI, Big Data, API, Microservices,
  • Include testing of various Infrastructure Clouds:
    • Testing of integration of services across local platforms, private and public clouds
    • Optimize infrastructure use through On Demand and Auto Provisioning of Infrastructure and Increased usage of Cloud Based Test Lab / Environments
  • Embrace customer persona / behaviour-driven systems testing:
    • Testing of AI and Cognitive Intelligence powered BOTS and interfaces
    • Increased focus on Customer and User experience
  • Increase effectiveness through:
    • Integration of testing services with DevOps and Continuous Model
    • Leverage AI and Analytics for test optimization for leaner test cycles.
  • Agility in Automation
    • Adaptive Test Engineering Model (Agile, DevOps)
    • Accelerate "in-sprint" automation
    • Include business and non-technical stakeholders in the testing process to ensure continuous validation.
    • Initiate testing process early in the engineering cycle (shift left).

Sonata - A leader in Digital Transformation:

Sonata's unique and trademarked "Platformation" methodology for digital modernization helps organizations transform into "Digital Businesses" laying the foundation for effective modernization, helping to derive maximum value from digital investments.

Sonata's 'Platformation' aligned Digital Assurance Service leverages the potential of deep-learning and AI algorithms to increase the QA effectiveness extending automation to a wider spectrum of testing including -

  • Digital Assurance Strategy Consulting / Discovery
    • Understand Digital Agenda and Digital Landscape
    • Digital Assurance Fitment and Alignment to Digital Agenda
    • Digital Assurance Audit
      • Understand Platform requirements and capabilities
      • Audit the Testing done (types of testing, test coverage, test results)
    • Digital Assurance Strategy and Recommendations at a high level
  • Digital Assurance
    • Customer Experience Testing
      • Personalization, Omni Channel, user specific promotions and recommendations
      • Performance Testing, Cloud Auto-Scaling
      • Compatibility (Multi-Browser, Multi-OS, Multi-Device)
      • Functional Testing
    • Platformation Assurance
      • Mapping of requirements to Client’s platform objectives / characteristics / principles and / or Sonata’s platform characteristics, and providing a view of how the implementation maps to them
    • Digital Business Assurance
      • Systems Integration & Business Process Testing
    • Test Automation
      • Autonomous Testing (End to End Automation of Test Development and Execution)
      • Proprietary Automation Frameworks for Web, BOTS, API, Mobility and Dynamix AX Testing

Benefits of Sonata's Digital Assurance

  • Quality Engineering Model that will help steer enterprises on their modernization journey towards a digitally aligned engineering and business model, applying the power of:
    • end-to-end automation
    • Platformation Assurance
    • customer experience testing
    • Digital Business assurance
  • Framework of an independent test organization, process governance, environment management and knowledge management to achieve business acceleration
  • Platform driven, agile based Test Engineering Model with integrated Test Frameworks that supports Digital Transformation and DevOps model of continuous delivery
  • Autonomous Platform Supported Service that facilitates higher delivery velocity, reduced cost of quality and minimal scope of human error through automation of the test script development, execution, maintenance (self-healing), evidence capture.
  • Unified Engineers for Digital Assurance who are multi-skilled across digital technologies and test needs

Success Stories:

  • A leading ISV in North America leveraged Sonata's Autonomous Testing service to optimize the Regression Test Efforts for the Oracle Fusion based solutions and saw significant benefits with 75% automation coverage for business critical functionality and 30% resource rationalization.
  • A leading global pharma in the North America embarked on the journey to transform their testing activities with our managed testing services model and saw significant savings and improvements including 45% cost savings (ROI) and 38% reduction in the time to market with test automation and re-usable assets.
  • A leading travel major in Europe embarked on testing transformation journey to achieve process maturity that included leveraging Sonata's proprietary frameworks, assets and metric based governance model; the managed model in which these services were delivered helped the customer garner benefits of an improved resource rationalization of 30%, 40% reduction in TCO and 40% reduction in time to market.
  • A leading financial institution in North America leveraged Sonata's Digital Test platform for Test Execution and Management and saw significant benefits, with 30% reduction in TCO, 30% reduction in time to release and 85% automation coverage