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Sonata Connected Agri Enables the World's Largest Farmer Cooperative with a Single Source of Truth


CASE STUDY Sonata Connected Agri Enables the World's Largest Farmer Cooperative with a Single Source of Truth

About the Company

The client is Denmark's largest cooperative farm supply company, owned by 12,000 Danish farmers. They sell feedstuff mixes, ingredients and vitamin mixes, fertilizer, crop protection, seed, and energy, as well as crops purchased from farmers. The client also sells well-known brands of farm equipment and runs a large network of hobby and leisure stores.

sonata connected agri

Problem Statement

The client was looking for a partner to help them implement their digital vision, which maximizes value growth for individual farmers. They required visibility and certainty into complex contracts that specified weight and other product quality parameters such as moisture and protein content, as well as the ability to quickly and accurately calculate quality adjustments and charges. Due to acquisitions, business units had different systems, which made it hard to see how things were running as a whole.



We assisted the client in implementing Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, as well as Talent (Attract), and Sonata's CTRM, an ERP-integrated CTRM solution. The solution was implemented in multi-national operations to meet various fiscal and currency requirements while ensuring standardization across business units. It provided visibility to all contracts, orders, and settlement details on a single platform, as well as powerful tools for automatically adjusting contract pricing in response to changes in any or all quality parameters as crops, were harvested and test results became available. The client was able to provide a sustainable program to train their employees for them to upload master data and implement Attract (recruitment module).


  • With a single source of data, it provides a 360-degree view of the business
  • Because of the shared database, the group's fiscal reporting is simplified
  • Increased sourcing and trading function operational efficiency because CTRM is integrated into ERP functions
  • Better cost control as a result of visibility into contracts, pricing, positions, forex, and inventory
  • Increased assistance to farmers and growers to ensure higher quality products through the use of digital capabilities such as IoT and Azure ML