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Modernizing B2B ecommerce platform to the cloud for a European shipping and transport company


CASE STUDY Modernizing B2B ecommerce platform to the cloud for a European shipping and transport company

About the Client

The client is a ferry operating firm situated in the United Kingdom that is a subsidiary of a significant Middle Eastern water transport company with a presence in Central Europe. The client owns and manages a number of subsidiary ferry companies in various parts of the world.


Problem Statement

The client wanted to move their B2C ecommerce platform to the cloud while also integrating their web and mobile applications with historical on-premises applications. Sonata Software collaborated with the multinational corporation to provide digital assurance services as part of our Azure package.

The client desired to restructure their sales process and operations in order to provide a better customer experience and higher levels of customer engagement. The old booking application system was on-premises and was not very quick or flexible in adapting to the dynamic market requirements. The old application was difficult to maintain and could not communicate with third-party applications.



Sonata proposed delivering a multi-cloud solution on Azure and building a SAP Hybris while providing assurance for functional testing-UI and API (through Postman), enabling test automation, and utilising Rest Assured for API test automation.

Our team performed the testing, which included functional testing, mobile web responsiveness testing, and cross-browser testing. API testing was carried out for the integration of front-end and back-end layers in multiple cloud environments. It also included third-party integration API testing, performance testing, and application security testing.

For regression and cross-browser testing, UI-based Functional Test Automation with Selenium was performed, as well as Performance Testing with JMeter and Azure Application Insights. Burp Suite Pro was used for application security testing, and the team verified that automated tests were run every day and that the test environment was deployed.


Without having to wait for end-to-end testing, the API test automation helped give immediate assurance of its quality and discover errors early. End-to-end flow test automation aided in running all tests on daily builds as part of regression testing. Following build and deployment to the test environment, functional and API tests were automated and conducted on a daily basis.