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Sonata assists a Fortune 500 firm in realizing operational efficiency and managing its ERP.


CASE STUDY Sonata assists a Fortune 500 firm in realizing operational efficiency and managing its ERP

The client is among the world's largest commercial real estate services and investment firms in the UK with a turnover of over $23.8 billion. The company has close to a lakh employees and caters to real estate investment firms and tenants through more than 450 offices worldwide.

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Problem Statement

The company had deployed Dynamics AX 2012, but it did not go smoothly, and many problems arose. In terms of rolling out and supporting their instance, the customer encountered challenges with their partner. Sonata changed their old management system using its expertise in industry-specific IP implementation. The components were: Finance, Project Operations, Sales Quotations, Vendor and Customer Master.

Sonata was chosen as the ideal partner for the client's Microsoft Dynamics Program because of its track record of solving challenging corporate difficulties. Sonata contributed expertise in Dynamics implementation, support, digital assurance, performance analysis and resolution, PowerApps, and modernization capabilities.

A Personalized Solution

Sonata performed a performance audit on the client's system to identify the main issues with the application. Following the audit, we presented a thorough strategy that addressed their issues. As a result, the whole user experience was improved, and workers were inspired to adjust to the changes. By reducing manual processes, the customer gained greater visibility into procurement and inventory management.

The client needed a solution that would enable the company to efficiently manage its operations and gain better control over business forecasts. To achieve this, they implemented a system that improved real-time reporting of business forecasts and increased transparency across the organisation and its partners. This allowed the client to improve internal controls and secure access.

Sonata deployed a powerful platform-based solution with specific purchase order and timesheet apps for teams across the globe. The system had real-time visibility for orders and the same could be approved on PowerApps.

The Power of PowerApps

Sonata has built and deployed intuitive mobile apps in a short time. The solution has improved the operational efficiency and ergonomics of client teams, who can now access and update data on the go.