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Creating Possibilities for a Multinational Software Company with the ability to Go Mobile Globally

About the Company

The client is a multinational enterprise software corporation based in the United Kingdom with 6.1 million customers around the world. It has locations in 24 different countries. The company is the world's third-biggest seller of ERP software and the leading supplier to small businesses, serving as a one-stop shop for all ERP, CRM, and payroll solutions.

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Creating Possibilities for a Multinational Software Company with the ability to Go Mobile Globally


Because of the platform's scalability, a large number of mobile devices could be supported. The mobile app will allow small businesses to manage their invoices, expenses, payments, products, and services while on the go. The client was ecstatic because they were able to quickly roll out mobile apps for various regions, allowing them to begin gaining new clients through the mobile ecosystem.

The client was able to launch their mobile app in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, and Spain, opening up new commercial opportunities.

The mobile application was completed on time. The platform was not only ready for localization, but it also offered a rich user experience with multiple graphs and tooltips. The client wanted to rethink and improve their business processes and requirements. They were well aware that their newly acquired mobile enablement status had given them a competitive advantage.

Sonata finished the mobile app in three months, and the client was ready to increase their marketing efforts.

The scalable platform could support a large number of mobile devices. The tablet's mobile app provided the best platform for salespeople to provide real-time information to customers, anticipate customer orders, and deliver quotations directly from the tablet. Access to data at any time and on-the-go order management improved sales effectiveness. The client commended the team for its quality focus and teamwork.

Microsoft praised the Mobile Sales Windows 8 App for its adherence to the user interface and user experience. This is yet another victory for Team Sonata!

Problem Solutions


The main goal was to create a mobile-friendly platform that would work with iPhones and Android phones. This app was to be built using Xamarin, a cross-platform development environment with a single code base for iOS and Android. Sonata was critical in deciding to use the Xamarin platform for app development. The team successfully launched the mobile app in multiple international regions in one year.

Sonata assisted in the development of a mobile app that would work on both iPhone and Android devices. With a single code base, the app was to be written in C# and Xamarin. The forms worked on both iOS and Android devices. SQLite.NET ORM libraries were used for database operations, and Xuni Graph was used to create graphs and charts.

The final task was to work together on the development of a mobile app that integrates with the ERP in the backend to enable mobile sales. Traveling salesmen could use the app to access customer information, order management, invoicing, and quotations while on the road. In addition to the ability to view the product catalogue and promotions, these features were added. Components from Pagasus and Nephos were used. Maintenance of the iPad mobile sales app, development of a Windows 8.1 app, and integration with ERPs were also part of the scope of work.

Problem statement

Problem Statement

The client had problems in three areas, and Sonata assisted the client in overcoming those obstacles. The customer wanted to broaden their reach by capitalising on the growing popularity of mobile devices. A wide range of ERP and related products must be mobile-enabled for all popular mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android. The proposed programme will enable small businesses to manage their accounts on the go using mobile devices.

The client needed a cross-platform mobile app to monitor their client's financial data and receive alerts. This would enable accountants to keep track of their clients while on the go. The client wanted to expand their reach among employees of small and medium-sized businesses in Europe, America, and Asia.