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Cloud Transformation
1st September, 2022

80% of CIOs believe that they have not reached the business agility that they are aiming for.

Data Services
25th August, 2022

Data Analytics is a game changer, but not all businesses are able to leverage it. Data-driven organizations leverage the power of data and analytics to create a seamless and consistent customer experience, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Independent Software Vendor
28th July, 2022

With the onset of digital cloud Era, it is imperative that ISVs & Digital Product Engineering Units leverage the capability of multi cloud technologies and develop digital platforms rendering multi-feature state-of-art products & services.

Cloud Transformation
27th July, 2022

In the era of aggressive competition, it is imperative for businesses to use the latest technologies to gain a competitive edge. Increase your Enterprise Productivity by modernizing your .Net applications/API to have sleeker, faster, and more resource-optimized applications.

Data Services
15th June, 2022

New-age technologies have modernized every part of the customer experience. The organizations that utilize the application of the latest technologies are seen to have a competitive edge in the market. The vision is still found missing in many organizations across industries.

Independent Software Vendor
26th May, 2022

This is the age of Agile Digital PODs - the model for greater flexibility and faster product development. Our webinar on Agile Digital PODs would apprise you of comprehensive and effective product development resulting in quality solutions for your target market.