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Agri-Manufacturing Webcast

From digitized contract and risk management to improved approaches to logistics, sourcing, and consumption, the industry is enhancing its workflows with innovative new solutions. How can your organization navigate digital transformation and set itself apart from the competition?

In "Digital Transformation in Agri-Manufacturing," a webcast from Sonata Software, industry experts discuss how Platformation can steer profitability and sustainable growth beyond the boundaries of traditional enterprise risk management and enterprise resource planning.

Watch the webcast to discover how to: Watch Now

  • Unlock value from a digital ecosystem of traders, agri-manufacturers, growers, suppliers, and customers
  • Extract untapped potential across the raw materials supply chain and ecosystem for profitability, sustainability, and growth
  • Create and orchestrate interactions between enterprise, customers, and partners to facilitate contract visibility and mitigate supply chain and financial risks
  • Connect ecosystem players through ubiquitous access to enable new digital services and adjacencies
  • Match supply and demand patterns through asset-related data. Harvest insights back into the platform to enhance predictability and agility

Date: June 18, 2020

Time: 09:00 am PT and 11:00 am ACT