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Cloud Webinar

Modern applications are built to react to events triggered by multiple factors such as User clicks, IOT devices, or initiation of business process such as payments or search operations. Realizing and processing these events require serverless applications to be built and deployed. Most modern applications are developed on the foundation of events – be it adapting to the effects of IoT devices, tracking user engagement on mobile apps, or conducting business processes seamlessly to address customer requests.

Who are attending this:

  • CTOs
  • CDOs
  • CIOs
  • Technology Leads
  • Digital Transformation Heads

In this webinar you will learn about:


Transitioning from a Monolithic to Event-Driven Architecture


The optimum approach in building robust frameworks


How this unique approach brings speed and agility to your processes


The best practices in implementing this approach and the resulting cost benefits

Through this webinar, our experts will help you shape your digital vision, through Sonata's unique Digital Transformation approach Platformation™ leveraging cloud.