Traditional Arts, Textile and Handicrafts

India's rich heritage of arts, textiles and handicrafts is well known. Equally well known is the fact that the custodians of our heritage - artisans, weavers and craftspeople - find it increasingly difficult to earn sustained livelihoods due to lack of access to markets, resources, customer trends and preferences. Consequently, the younger generation of artisans and craftsmen is less inclined to pursue their familial vocations, leading to the gradual discontinuation or loss of precious traditional skills and crafts.

Sonata supports organizations that work towards improving the livelihoods of traditional craftspeople and by extension, help preserve and sustain our crafts heritage.

Technology Incubation & Entrepreneurship

In keeping with our CSR vision - to leverage technology to 'Make a Deep Impact and Transform Lives'- we have chosen to especially foster the learning and practice of technology. Technology is the underlying fabric that binds all aspects of our lives today – from communication and entertainment to manufacturing, commerce and healthcare.

Education and the Environment

Our CSR activities in the Education vertical are implemented in collaboration with select institutions across a continuum - from primary and middle schools in rural areas and forest buffer zones to institutes of higher learning such as IISc, and onwards to training the trainers. We partner with organizations that provide education and capability building to improve human potential and help individuals lead fuller, richer, more active lives.

Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage implies a shared bond, our belonging to a community. It represents our history and our identity; our bond to the past, to our present, and the future.

Heritage structures are constantly under pressure and in the absence of watertight heritage laws to protect buildings and neighborhoods of historical value, every small effort towards raising awareness of what survives goes a long way.

Sonata has partnered with organizations actively involved in reviving and preserving our rich heritage as well as raising awareness amongst the general public of these historical treasures.


At Sonata we are as mindful of staying abreast of the emerging trends and best practices in CSR as we are of sharing our learnings with other practitioners. To that end, we co-sponsored a study undertaken by NASSCOM in late 2016 into 'CSR Trends in the IT-BPO Industry'. More recently, our social impact endeavours were featured by Outlook Business in their Coffee Table publication titled 'The India Drive 2'.

As a conscientious corporate citizen we have also supported animal welfare activities as well as efforts towards a greener planet.


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