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Case Study

Case Study

Envisioning a Global Claim Intake System for a Leading Company with Sonata's Digital Assurance/Azure Services

About the Client

The client is a leading claims processing company across the world with experience of over 80 years. With innovative tools to empower people across industries, the client is the largest listed independent claims management provider. They started by making milk truck deliveries more efficient at the beginning, which is now known for solving claims handling challenges for thousands of businesses across the world. The client has nearly 9,000 employees and is spread across 70 countries in the world.

Sonata assists a Fortune 500 firm in realizing operational efficiency and managing its ERP.

Sonata performed a performance audit on the client's system to identify the main issues with the application and presented a thorough strategy that addressed their issues. As a result, the whole user experience was improved, and workers were inspired to adjust to the changes. customer behavior and resource management.

Reimagining upgrades and the global rollout of Dynamics 365 for a Forbes 2000 company

Sonata built a Digital Operations Platform and a Digital Retail Platform for a global leader in Optical technology on Dynamics 365. We transformed the on-prem system into a cloud-based environment, which helped the client to get better visibility and control. This platform brought radical changes at a strategic and operational level that gave the company a holistic view of its inventory, customer behavior and resource management.